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  3. I meant the Rank Filter button (Skill LVL Filter)
  4. It's just a custom UI. You can check what other Atavism users did, for example, such spellbook. https://gyazo.com/f02148a46b9d14a3cdf3a59ecb01eafe You can modify UI as you want.
  5. How to implement a book of magic as in wow,?
  6. This is the reason we are providing support using various channels like realtime discord server, forum, and mail. This gives our community choice whatever they prefer to contact us, and we are here for them Also, for example, we have features requests on the forum, and discord as a wishlist but we prefer forum as we can easier follow them, and also mark the ones that were already done. https://forum.atavismonline.com/forum/23-new-features-and-improvements-requests/
  7. Ah then its just me that is oldfasion who prefer forum
  8. It's mostly because 99% of the support is handled using the discord server https://discord.gg/z95htJA 0.5% using mail, and 0.5% using the forum. This is the reason why there is a bit less activity on the forum. At this point, we have over 5000 clients.
  9. Of course, for development definitely, in the end you will want to have Linux machine without GUI, to eliminate all possible overhead that windows has.
  10. Browsing in the forum shows recent posts that are more than 3 month old? How many is active using Atavism?
  11. I wonder if the Windows Manager can be used instead of the Ubuntu Server?
  12. We are finalizing connection with the hosting company through the API, and then we will have to test it, so it shouldn't take longer than a few weeks.
  13. Do you have an eta on when that would be?
  14. Soon we will also have our cloud service, based on our partner hardware that is also Atavism developer and client.
  15. Yeah, they appear to be relatively popular on the Discord. The Atavism team is looking into adding their own hosting plan in the future, so you'll have more choices that way. That said, there a bunch of community made tools for easy install, kind of lets you use any host you like so long as you get the necessary resources and ability to control your ports. You could also do the classic spare pc running 24/7 in the basement thing, but I totally get looking for a host. No matter what choice you choose, you can always move your install by backing up all of your server files and database and moving it out. No harm if you don't like where you start out. As for the tool you decided, I actually think you made the right choice with Atavism. I am kinda planning the same thing as you, I'm making the game for my friends to play in, with their adventures providing the basis for me adding more. I think it's nice because you can spit out content relatively quickly, and you could get started right away (They might need some imagination without all the equip work being done, but coming from DnD, that shouldn't be too much of an issue haha). Atavism is nice because all the grueling work is done for you, and you can get straight to making your actual content.
  16. Hello I'm pretty new to this whole online play thing, I know an MMO probably wasn't a good plan but I just wanted to make something for me and a small group of my DnD mates (about 50 people total) I was curious if people had any recommendations for where to host a server for Atavism. And to be blunt what was the easiest way to host a server online so it was always up, right now I can host on my PC but I struggle to allow other people to connect to it and it can't be on 24/7. Any tips? Sorry for the newbie question but a search of the forums didn't help EDIT: I just noticed the thing at the bottom of this forums, for north networking, anyone had any experience with there Atavism plans? Are they good?
  17. Can you tell me which link doesn't work so we could fix it? I personally tested links I know, and all of them work. As for the error you sent. Atavism has 2 major elements: Server-side (which includes databases and Atavism logic) Client-side (which has client c# scripts, UI, etc. and Atavism Editor which is a development tool that directly connects to the databases). So, the issue you described in the first section is related to the server installation and configuration, most probably ports/firewall was not set properly. The second section is related to the Atavism Editor, like your database is not accessible from your PC. To resume, there are two issues, one with connection as a client, and the second with connection with the development tool (Atavism Editor). To resolve the first one, send me your server logs from atavism_server/logs world and master directories. You can pack them and send them in a bundle in private message on the forum or email to support@atavismonline.com with the link to this forum post. For the second issue, are you using newly created user?
  18. I tried to join discord but it says its invalid. I have the monthly subscription right now and have been trying to set everything up for a few days now and cant get it working. I have followed this tutorial on using google for a host 3 times over now and I have gotten different errors each time. It has been an authentication server error, then it was cannot connect to the tcp world server, and now it is saying: Database test connection Failed: Authentication method 'caching_sha2_password' not supported by any of the available plugins. UnityEngine.Debug:LogError(Object) Atavism.DatabasePack:TestConnection(String, Boolean) (at Assets/Dragonsan/AtavismEditor/Editor/EditorCore/Libraries/DatabasePack.cs:266) Atavism.ServerDataBase:DrawDataBase(Rect, String) (at Assets/Dragonsan/AtavismEditor/Editor/Plugins/ServerDataBase.cs:268) Atavism.ServerDataBase:Draw(Rect) (at Assets/Dragonsan/AtavismEditor/Editor/Plugins/ServerDataBase.cs:185) Atavism.AtavismUnity:OnGUI() (at Assets/Dragonsan/AtavismEditor/Editor/EditorCore/AtavismUnity.cs:371) UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent(Int32, IntPtr) (at C:/buildslave/unity/build/Modules/IMGUI/GUIUtility.cs:179) On the server side, I am also keeps saying license verification failed, even though I have double checked my license key and my email address. I have my windows firewall turned off, I can ping the public IP of the google instance, and verified the ports are open with a port checking tool.
  19. I think we spoke on discord about it, 99% of database actions are accessible, but this 1% we will move to the open section in the incoming release.
  20. I am using the 14 day trial just to test out the product but when I try and set it up I keep getting 'License verification failed.' I double checked the license I key and my email. I am using Google as my host and followed the set up exactly.
  21. please move to english "New Features and Improvement thread"
  22. please move to english "New Features and Improvement thread"
  23. please move to english "New Features and Improvement thread"
  24. Hi, A slight issue... the indicator are show a green arrow pointing upwards (indicating an improvement) even though the gear has a negative value to the stat. See below for the arcana stat which is infact a -1 decrease to your stat but is indicating an improvement by having a green arrow pointing upwards. Should be a red arrow pointing downwards. Thanks in advance! /raptorixx
  25. .Hi, Another thing we need... When you create a crafting recipe today you can choose what crafting station is required and you have an option to choose ~none~. Doing this should allow us to create the recipe from the crafting window WITHOUT being close to a crafting station. So basically whenever you want. ie in my case I want the players to be able to craft bandages out in the wilderness... but even if setting the recipe to ~none~ the craft button is still greyed out even all reagents needed available. So Allow crafting button to be always clickable regardless if you are near a crafting station or not when you have ~none~ set as Crafting Station on the recipe Thanks in advance! /raptorixx
  26. Hi, We need a fix for the multiple dodge messages when you have more then one effect on an ability. For example I have a magic bolt which has ONE damage effect and ONE threat effect. I would say for all abilities that are involved in combat your will have one (or more effects) for the ability itself and one threat generating effect. However doing this will result in TWO dodge messages popping up when the monster dodges your attack. As I see it it should be ONE dodge message per ABILITY and not per effect /Raptorixx
  27. Considering atavism, to what level of customization do we have in the source code? I would want to change the database over to use my api service, is that possible?
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