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  4. Thank you for your feedback. If we will invest in this project, it will certainly take a while, but we are close to making this step.
  5. I did the whole Unity thing first, then fell in love with UE4. I had to move back to Unity, with great resistance, because there were better MMO options there. As long as you use your own networking layer and not what UE4 offers, I'll migrate back in an instant.
  6. We are still gathering your feedback, and during that time we are preparing for the next huge Atavism release where will be a massive change in licensing, and we will add horizontal scaling for servers.
  7. Is there an appointment now or have you already started to program? For unreal engine 4?
  8. Hi. You can use an external authenticator to handle this part, where purchases in your webstore will be transferred to the user account in-game, like premium currency, or items. Atavism handles it and will send an in-game email if you will enter an entry in the proper database table. More information on how to configure the external authenticator you can find here https://wiki.atavismonline.com/project/remote-php-account-connector/. Also, one of the community members developed Wordpress plugin which handles many Atavism aspects, including such purchases of unique items, more information you can find on our discord server https://discord.gg/z95htJA.
  9. Atavism is a very RPG oriented framework, so it has more features related to that type of games. What is worth to mention, Atavism doesn't have physics on the server, so you would have to calculate it client-side. To resume, it's possible to make MMOFPS type of game, but it would require some coding in this case.
  10. Hello , Did ATAVISM has a In App Purchases system ?
  11. How well will this work for say mmofps/tps?
  12. oh wow. thats awesome! ty for the info!
  13. The older version contained TextMesh Pro, but the newest one 2019.x shouldn't have it. Can you verify which version you have?
  14. 刚刚来学习使用,如有一起学习交流的可以加我的Q 17879741 备注atavism交流
  15. the unity package contain textmesh pro ,it produce 999 error and destroy everything.
  16. Atavism also has the integration with I2Localization (https://wiki.atavismonline.com/project/setting-i2-localization-multi-languages/), which is super easy to use, and it is constantly developed with very good support.
  17. Atavism has integration with WAPI (http://www.procedural-worlds.com/blog/wapi/) which gives you the ability to use Enviro, Weather Maker, Global Snow or any other package which has integration with it. We are also working with Unistorm author to provide integration for it.
  18. Since Atavism 2018.3 we implemented item sets, so you can have not only armor but weapon or jewelry sets, or a mix of them.
  19. Most of these elements were implemented, including the biggest ones like navmesh pathfinding or auction house.
  20. Yes, it would be nice to have a separate Atavism Editor outside Unity, but I think the present version which is inside Unity which we rewritten is much better, faster, has copy paste functionality, multilanguages support, options to restore deleted data or delete them permanently, keeping some important constraints in terms of instances or combat, it's scalable so you can resize its area properly. So, there are lots of new features and it's working super fast because of no caching overhead. Also, there is one downside of such software (it should be available for all platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac), and not everything would be possible with it, for example saving objects from the scene like regions, interactive objects, resources, etc.
  21. @AlanGreyjoy Hey Alan, Any chance you will ever finish this or should we stop hoping for it? I sure hope you will continue, I would love this addon! Greetings, Davy
  22. Yes, if we will make it then it wil be definitelly a separate team, and Unity progress won't slow down. There can be much more long term benefits from this. Changes which we will make would be implemented in both proudcts. Also it's a totally new market, and new clients which would like to use Atavism, but it's not available for Unreal. This potentialy would generate an additional income, which could be spent on both branches, because universal Java technology on the server side gives such opportunity.
  23. If you truly are going to keep the same level of effort with the Unity build as you are now by spinning up a separate team then I don't see why not. With that being said though I am going to be selfish and say if there are resources available to spin up another team then I would rather those resources be spun up on new features and reworks of the existing Unity version rather than spent on a different engine. I myself have to much invested in Unity to ever look at switching and so the Unreal version would not benefit me in anyway. Would love to see a rework of the existing game server engine to move away from java to a C# mono engine with easier integrations of third party assets on the Unity store such as AI, Character Controllers, Procedural terrain generators, etc etc. Also having the game servers able to integrate with GameLift, Flexmatch, Agones, and other cloud service game offerings natively would be the bees knees.
  24. it's too early to decide if it will be for free for present users or not, but even if not, wouldn't be nice to have such option?
  25. Only if whe not have to rebuy a new licence for it
  26. I would consider it. I have experience with UE4 from the coding aspect but not much on the art side. I think it would be good overall and from what I've heard, I wouldn't be concerned with Unity support dwindling. How much of the server would be the same on both I wonder.
  27. Thank you for your opinion. If we will decide to start development Atavism for UE4, we will for 100% do it by building a separate team. We will keep the progress which we are making In Unity area. This is already possible. I mean you can implement any model to your game based on Atavism, without coding. Here is how to implement new character model https://wiki.atavismonline.com/project/character-model-race-and-class/ or how to integrate your existing scene (environment) with Atavism https://wiki.atavismonline.com/project/integration-into-existing-scene/ and there are much more tutorials on the wiki related to different aspects of the Atavism.
  28. My answer won't carry much weight on either side as I'm absolutely new to game programming, and I'm plodding along the tutorials in Unity3 comfortably. I suspect, another 3 months on these tutorials and I'll be 1% there to make an informed decision. At the point where I'm at, I just want to use an engine that can incorporate things like what Atavism offers, but with a whole bunch of 'plug and play' options. For example, go to the Assets Store, pick out 6 characters and add them in (with no further coding), etc, etc, etc ... for all I know, perhaps it does this now? I don't know if this exists, but is there a service offered by Atavism that would allow someone like me to select assets, and for Atavism to incorporate it into the game. I mean, I really appreciate the tremendous help and support by staff and non-staff members, but what gets my willy wet, is playing and controlling the game settings with no desire to be a C+ programmer. This probably stems from my years of running a 'Rust' server. Mostly what I want to customise in Atavism, is adding my choice of characters, enemies, buildings and landscape. The game engine itself is superb as it covers a great deal of options in one package. So, if it was a choice between Unity and Unreal, I don't have a clue.
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