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  4. Can you tell me which link doesn't work so we could fix it? I personally tested links I know, and all of them work. As for the error you sent. Atavism has 2 major elements: Server-side (which includes databases and Atavism logic) Client-side (which has client c# scripts, UI, etc. and Atavism Editor which is a development tool that directly connects to the databases). So, the issue you described in the first section is related to the server installation and configuration, most probably ports/firewall was not set properly. The second section is related to the Atavism Editor, like your database is not accessible from your PC. To resume, there are two issues, one with connection as a client, and the second with connection with the development tool (Atavism Editor). To resolve the first one, send me your server logs from atavism_server/logs world and master directories. You can pack them and send them in a bundle in private message on the forum or email to support@atavismonline.com with the link to this forum post. For the second issue, are you using newly created user?
  5. I tried to join discord but it says its invalid. I have the monthly subscription right now and have been trying to set everything up for a few days now and cant get it working. I have followed this tutorial on using google for a host 3 times over now and I have gotten different errors each time. It has been an authentication server error, then it was cannot connect to the tcp world server, and now it is saying: Database test connection Failed: Authentication method 'caching_sha2_password' not supported by any of the available plugins. UnityEngine.Debug:LogError(Object) Atavism.DatabasePack:TestConnection(String, Boolean) (at Assets/Dragonsan/AtavismEditor/Editor/EditorCore/Libraries/DatabasePack.cs:266) Atavism.ServerDataBase:DrawDataBase(Rect, String) (at Assets/Dragonsan/AtavismEditor/Editor/Plugins/ServerDataBase.cs:268) Atavism.ServerDataBase:Draw(Rect) (at Assets/Dragonsan/AtavismEditor/Editor/Plugins/ServerDataBase.cs:185) Atavism.AtavismUnity:OnGUI() (at Assets/Dragonsan/AtavismEditor/Editor/EditorCore/AtavismUnity.cs:371) UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent(Int32, IntPtr) (at C:/buildslave/unity/build/Modules/IMGUI/GUIUtility.cs:179) On the server side, I am also keeps saying license verification failed, even though I have double checked my license key and my email address. I have my windows firewall turned off, I can ping the public IP of the google instance, and verified the ports are open with a port checking tool.
  6. I think we spoke on discord about it, 99% of database actions are accessible, but this 1% we will move to the open section in the incoming release.
  7. I am using the 14 day trial just to test out the product but when I try and set it up I keep getting 'License verification failed.' I double checked the license I key and my email. I am using Google as my host and followed the set up exactly.
  8. please move to english "New Features and Improvement thread"
  9. please move to english "New Features and Improvement thread"
  10. please move to english "New Features and Improvement thread"
  11. Hi, A slight issue... the indicator are show a green arrow pointing upwards (indicating an improvement) even though the gear has a negative value to the stat. See below for the arcana stat which is infact a -1 decrease to your stat but is indicating an improvement by having a green arrow pointing upwards. Should be a red arrow pointing downwards. Thanks in advance! /raptorixx
  12. .Hi, Another thing we need... When you create a crafting recipe today you can choose what crafting station is required and you have an option to choose ~none~. Doing this should allow us to create the recipe from the crafting window WITHOUT being close to a crafting station. So basically whenever you want. ie in my case I want the players to be able to craft bandages out in the wilderness... but even if setting the recipe to ~none~ the craft button is still greyed out even all reagents needed available. So Allow crafting button to be always clickable regardless if you are near a crafting station or not when you have ~none~ set as Crafting Station on the recipe Thanks in advance! /raptorixx
  13. Hi, We need a fix for the multiple dodge messages when you have more then one effect on an ability. For example I have a magic bolt which has ONE damage effect and ONE threat effect. I would say for all abilities that are involved in combat your will have one (or more effects) for the ability itself and one threat generating effect. However doing this will result in TWO dodge messages popping up when the monster dodges your attack. As I see it it should be ONE dodge message per ABILITY and not per effect /Raptorixx
  14. Considering atavism, to what level of customization do we have in the source code? I would want to change the database over to use my api service, is that possible?
  15. I agree with Killersan that its not ATAVISM. I spent a few days tinkering as I never done this type set up. Handed it over to my 28 year old son who has a degree in programming and an A+ certification (translates to Can Follow Directions and Exhibit Patients). I took an old Lenovo laptop with 4Gig DDR2 memory, wiped it and installed Ubuntu 2016 Server. I turned it over to Jason. He had ATAVISM up and running before I could finish cooking dinner. Less than 45 minutes. I am here because I was looking for a resolution to the "Could not find Character Template for the Race and Class specified." I purchased Faces Volume 1 and 2 from Will B Game Art and am trying to get the Orc male and female hybrids into ATAVISM. My son got in the Human male/female and the Elf male/female races, and got in the Orc races from ATAVISM successfully the other day, but he is asleep and has to get up at 4 AM to go to work. I assume it is me as we have been using ATAVISM X On Site for over a week with other races (AMAZING!!! Product). We were going to buy the Orc, Dwarf and Goblin races from ATAVISM when On Sale for $25 each but I swear going from the shopping to the checkout, the sale ended and the price was full again. We did not have $150, so we went and purchased the Faces vol. 1 and vol. 2 from Will B Game Art as they had a 60% off coupon code. Hopefully we can squeeze out $50 to buy the Dwarf race pack in two weeks and then buy one race pack each month after that. ATAVISM has been working with only issues we cause by not following directions. As far as the "Could not find Character Template for the Race and Class specified.", I obviously skipped something with this specific race and need to discover what it is and if I can not, I will let Jason do it sometime in the next couple days. So it is on to reading the wiki and watching YouTube Videos or let Jason have it tomorrow and I will work tonight on importing Animals from our Protofactor pack. I found this ATAVISM video, so I think this is what I need to watch. Edited to say that I was correct in assuming it was not Atavism but in fact was me forgetting something. After updating things like adding a race or tools, weapons, armor, jeweler or other, RESTART THE SERVER. When in doubt, REBOOT THE SERVER if restarting does not do it. If that does not fix it, then shut down the server and give the ram a chance to empty (30 seconds or so). Power it up, then log back in and Start The Server. 8-)
  16. The easiest way would be to replace textures.
  17. I am wondering if anyone is able to explain for example how to replace watermarked nature manufacture dynamic nature pack with the paid asset in the demo. Is there a way to upgrade it without losing all vegetation placement ?
  18. For my project, I have gotten rid of the mouse cursor on-screen unless one of the interface panels such as the inventory or character panels are opened. (Actually, I turned it into a reticle in my latest rebuild of the code.) But in order for this to work, I need to edit files such as "UGUICharacterPanel.cs" and modify "bool showing = false;" to be "public bool showing = false;" This allows me to call them from the "Atavism3rdPersonInput.cs" script to see what windows, if any, are opened and therefore stop the camera and player from moving. So far, what I've done works great and I only have to go back to the scripts if one of them are changed in an update. I just want to be sure I won't be setting myself up for other problems in the future. It might be helpful to note that I also allowed the mouse to rotate the player without pressing either of the buttons. Further note: I've created two public Boolean values in "Atavism3rdPersonInput.cs" that can be checked before or during runtime to revert back to the default mouse cursor and controls. bandicam_2020-01-04_10-17-13-497.mp4
  19. Got it. Thank you for the info
  20. Hello @HeadClot. We have no business model ready yet. We are focusing on making the product ready, and the business model will be introduced along the road.
  21. Hey @Killersan I am a member from the old forums when neojack was in charge of Atavism. Got a question for you. What is the planned pricing for Atavism for Unreal? I will have a good chunk of change in my pocket come payday.
  22. Hello Markus, Atavism default ports depending on the version you are using are as following: 9005 TCP 9010 UDP 5042 TCP 5052/5053 UDP And you can adjust any of them.
  23. Hi, I read in the server documentation, I have to forward 5060 TCP/UDP to the Atavism Server. Realy? This is SIP - I can't forward 5060 TCP/UDP It's possible to change this port? Best regards Markus
  24. Has anyone been able to create a game using the webgl export? I'm considering making a browser based mmo but I'm not sure if atavism supports that. I imagine it does, but if any devs or people know if it takes considerable extra work then I'll rethink it
  25. Hello Killersan, If I buy Atavism, and I can not make it work, Can I have a refund??

    1. Killersan


      Apologize for the delay, I replied to you using a private message.

  26. 有的您好,中國的朋友可以加我微信ID: frankycorn
  27. Hello. There are lots of tutorials you can use, which you can find on our wiki (https://wiki.atavismonline.com/). For example, here is one related with making a terrain and implementing Atavism https://wiki.atavismonline.com/project/integration-into-existing-scene/ or how to implement new mobs https://wiki.atavismonline.com/project/mobs/
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