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  2. Items have fixed, defined stats, not ranges. This design lets you easier balance items after you will release the game, because if you would want to balance them with random values, then it wouldn't be fair with players. That's why we didn't implement this system, so even it's not available out of the box, it's possible to code it.
  3. Hello! Is it possible to create a loot drop system with RNG stats? Diablo as an example. I wanted to ask before I make any commitments to Ativsm. Thanks!
  4. Hello, Atavism is realtime system and it doesn't have turn based system functionality.
  5. Any update on release for Unreal engine?
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  7. Hi, I'm a very small game developer and found Atavism through some tutorials I've been watching. I was curious if Atavism had any method of creating a turn based combat system. After some quick searches through the forums and google it doesn't appear to be the case but I just thought I'd ask anyway.
  8. Im sorry, nevermind. I restarted everything and redownloaded the server database, and it started....
  9. Hello, Just got everything downloaded, and followed the tutorial to get the server running. The Authentication server does not start, and gave this info in CMD: ./auth.sh: line 267: java: command not found ./auth.sh: line 279: [: =: unary operator expected ./auth.sh: line 289: java: command not found *** Archiving auth logs *** *** Starting master server *** AO_HOME is .. ./auth.sh: line 126: [: =: unary operator expected Using .jar files from the /dist hierarchy Using property file ../bin/auth.properties Using log directory ../logs/master Using common directory
  10. Hi, it would be great if you developed a new input system)) But if not yet, good luck in your current endeavors!!!
  11. At the moment there are 2 versions 1- Lite 2 - Full Version Lite version no store system also no balance system!
  12. At this point we have no such plans as we have hands full of work with the roadmap elements, but we will see how it will go.
  13. Hey was wondering if you had a tutorial on adding a gamepad or controller? Do you plan to input the new input system? This is a great product!
  14. Already on Discord - thanks! I need somebody to answer q's -> and train me a little bit in real-time..
  15. Hello, it depends on the scope but we are providing support related to Atavism as well as our community is super great and helpful. I recommend you to also join our discord https://discord.gg/z95htJA where you can also get some info in realtime.
  16. Hi all, I am a teacher wanting to create an educational MMORPG using Ativism. I am pretty good with Python/JS et al, but need support with using Activism (the mechanics and using the editor), as well as using Unity for certain aspects. I am looking for a mentor to help me out (PAID). Many thanks,
  17. Not fuel specifically but tools are required in order to craft recipes. If you don't have the tools in these slots you can't craft specific recipes without them. You can have a combination of requirements in order to meet criteria to be able to craft a recipe The fuel and the required materials i am not too worried about because at the moment those can come directly out of inventory, so thats not a neccessity.
  18. There are two crafting systems in Atavism, grid based and crafting book one. If you will use crafting book there is no place to drag and drop items to use crafting station as it will check your backpack what you can craft, and present numbers near recipe entries. You would have to code it on the client side, because client is presenting known recipes, but all recipes are sent by the server and kept in the prefabs cache. You can check how to access them on the client. By this you mean something like "fuel"?
  19. Could i not just create a new crafting station that only requires an item in the socket; and then i should just be able to check the item sockets of each of that station type that has the item ? Another thing that i wanted to do was have a list of recipes (that the player can get, that are dimmed) and then the player needs to find/discover the recipes. I'd think modifying the crafting stations to not just generate items but require items to be present (see anvils, crucibles etc. in 7 days to die) would be adventagious for some game creators .. This video is just for demonstration p
  20. I can give you a script if you need one
  21. Yes, I totally understand it. What I had in mind that these will be added during code refactoring, we have plans to heavily modify and simplify combat code, that's why it's lacking comments.
  22. Yup, I just wanted to make sure, that my feed back was added about the comments. Since its seems fairly scattered. Thanks for info.! Code refactoring - NOT STARTED Ya, commenting is something, I recommend even before refactoring, when folks are using/reading your code. As you know development for users takes a lot of time, so I recommended this as well, since its easy to do, and since it can be done, while, waiting for refactoring. (Remember, experience users are using ATAVISM and digging through source . So if you can do this as you are programming in gene
  23. Hello, yes, we are aware of that and we are planning to do code refactoring this year, it's even on our roadmap https://www.atavismonline.com/atavism/roadmap and it's a normal process after so many features and improvements have been implemented, but at this point, I have no ETA for this element yet. We are a bit behind our schedule with the release, as COVID caught us badly a month ago, and now after our isolation and families quarantined we are slowly coming back to work.
  24. Hi Martin, I had messaged you privately, but not sure how much you check the Unity forums. So, I was wondering if its possible, if you guys can do a better job with commenting out, some of the combat scripts atleast? in the source... I don't want to comment on much else, as I did so privately. This would help folks out, on reading such scripts in a timely manner. You have in some areas, but its pretty scattered . I would like to see this more, as you know making games, reading others coding, can be timely, and trying to make it out... can be a job of its own, most other areas,
  25. Great, I'm glad North Networking sorted it out, but it's not a surprise as they are very responsive and quick in issues handling.
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