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How to submit issues

Martin (Dragonsan)

In order to submit an issue, please check if similar issue has not been already submitted in this section. If so and You have additional information regarding it then please reopen the issue and add more details in additional post.

If You won't find similar issue, then You can create new topic as each issue should be submitted in separate topic.

In order to submit new issue, create new topic and provide information regarding system on which You are experiencing an issue like:

For server:

JAVA version

Database version

OS distribution (like Linux Centos 7.3)


For client:

Unity version


You should also attach detailed information how to reproduce that issue, the more detailed information the more chance we will have to track it down and fix it faster, for example:

1. Open Inventory Window

2. Drag and item from slot 1 to slot 4

3. When trying to put that item on the character it won't show up in the character window

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