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  4. WebGL is not supported due to networking requirements.
  5. Running Atavism in WebGL player is also interesting for my project. At the moment the login scene loads but I have some SocketException when I try to login in the demo project.
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  7. This is something different. This means that your license key or email that you set in the world.properties configuration file are incorrect, your server doesn't have access to the internet or it cannot resolve domain names.
  8. I spoke too soon, I cannot enter the world. Says "servers at capacity"
  9. Hi Martin, It was the firewall thank you all resolved!
  10. There are 3 elements that can cause this: 1. Your server is not running 2. Port 9005 is closed or blocked by firewall 3. In the Login scene -> AtavismCore game object -> Master server you have incorrect IP/hostname
  11. Completely set up Atavism 10.4 and have it imported into Unity 2020.3. When creating my account in the login scene the authentication server cannot be reached. I assume it has something to do with my master server or prefab server IP but I have tried what I use with no avail. Any help with connecting authentication server will be appreciated!
  12. It's because World of Heroes is our game as well as Atavism framework based on which the game is working. We are the only owner of the Atavism software and we have full rights to it, so you don't have to worry about this. So, Dragonsan is our studio/company that owns Atavism and World of Heroes.
  13. Atavism can access the assets within a licensee's project(s)? I ask because according to https://unity.wiki.atavismonline.com/project/atavism-x-4/ new files, there's a lot of files with the prefix Dragonsan\ and that's the name of a studio listed on https://www.atavismonline.com/made-with-atavism I'm wondering if there's a collaboration between Atavism and Dragonsan studio, or does anything uploaded to a project also goes through Atavism? Thanks for the reply. I'm not so concerned just curious.
  14. There are various elements that can affect your harvesting time like item, which you are configuring, but also VIP, and effect that can be assigned to a region, passive ability, skill on your character, maybe there is such configuration? Maybe just try to create a new character? With each release we are providing information on how to update your project, of course, the more custom code you will have, the more time consuming to update it, but it's hard to prevent that.
  15. Its not a fresh project but still just laying ground work. Not sure if we want to upgrade and risk changing other things. Though if I can't figure out why this is not working that doesn't bode well for further development. We can't keep doing fresh installs. I'm going to reboot everything as I double checked my setup was the same (passive ability, bonus effect, etc...) but even when I removed those from the item and verified the tree resource still had a harvest time of 10 seconds I was seeing 17 seconds when I try to harvest it? If the reboot and reset doesn't fix it, I will try a fresh install and let you know how that goes.
  16. We can troubleshoot it if you want. I can install X.3 version on my end, but I think it would be better to upgrade Atavism to version X.4, and probably within a week or two, version X.5 will be released with a percentage for both harvesting and crafting. Is it a fresh project or do you have some setup that you wouldn't want to lose? I'm asking if an upgrade would be more appropriate for you or fresh installation could be an option? In X.4 you will also be able to set negative values for bonuses and stats
  17. I am not sure what I did wrong. I setup it up the way you described though in the past in the editor we could enter negative values but not it will not let us. I tried using both the Atavism Editor v10.3.0p11 and the atavism editor (atavism online) in unity. I have not updated anything that I am aware of and everything should be built on the 10.3.0 versions. I agree looking at the bonus setup percentage should not be used but for some reason those were the results I was seeing when I ran the game? I am still trying to debug it but at least its good to know I'm doing what I should there must be something I'm missing.
  18. I'm sorry that you think this way. We have over 100 tutorials and more than that documentation pages. With each release we are providing information about new modules and modified features as well as there are always some new tutorials, but I understand that there is always room to improve, and we are working on it. Some tutorials are outdated, but if something is subject to change, we are not recording them, as we know that within a month or two it will become obsolete again. Maybe it's a mistake, but this way we can optimize our work a bit and focus on other elements instead of recording videos for the same functionality multiple times. If you have any issues with configuration or you don't know how to do it, just let us know, and we will help you the same as we are helping other devs using Atavism. I'm not sure what you mean by 999+ issues and our demo. If you are having any issues just let us know and give us chance to help you fix them, that's for support is.
  19. We didn't record new tutorials about resource nodes as they will be updated and heavily modified in the incoming version that will be released this month. Anyway, you can create passive ability (preferably friendly effect ability as it will have a 100% success rate and won't take miss into account), then create passive bonus effect, and set harvest bonus. After that create or add the ability into the item/weapon as a passive ability, so once the item will be equipped bonus will be applied, and you will be able to gather resources faster or slower, depending on how you will set your bonus. You should be able to modify harvest time only by value and not by percentage. The percentage is not in use for this bonus type which you can check in the bonuses section in the Editor But it doesn't change the fact that it shouldn't let you put something that is not handled in the Editor. In the incoming version, the percentage will be available for both harvesting time and crafting. I was trying to reproduce the result you were having with percentage, but it wasn't handled in the code, and on my end, it didn't change anything and only value worked as intended.
  20. Thanks for the help. The system works almost exactly as I wanted it to. We implemented it a little differently, since we need the ability to shoot when the enemy is not selected. The wiki is very detailed and incredibly useful, but sometimes to see a solution, you need someone to indicate where to look for it))) Could you tell me if it is possible to use raycast now? Where to look?))
  21. Atavism promises the world but what they deliver is cryptic, broken and unsupported. They have countless interfaces, prebuilt gui's, plugins, etc... but no guides what so ever on how to use them. There is the atavism wiki which has maybe a few tutorials that cover maybe 2% of their code. The rest is not covered at all. Attribute types, ranges, values how they are linked or what the attributes even mean. This is supposed to be a template for others to use but without guidance or just a money sync for identical plug and play since no one can actually use 90% of what they deliver, unless there are hidden guides some where which are just not posted. Does anyone have any idea if that is true as their own demo has 999+ issues straight off their site?
  22. Sadly the tutorials and help guides are seriously lacking for atavism. I have been trying to figure out how to add a passive effect to an axe that decreases the harvest time. I have tried passive abilities, effects, etc... and nothing seems to actually work. It all looks like it should with the Effect Type: Bonuses, and Bonus Type: Harvest Time, but you enter a value (since the % section is disabled) but then it never triggers. Does anyone know of a guide or can provide a step by step guide on how to apply passive ability/effects specifically to an item that affect Harvest Time and quantity? Example: I have a 3 tree harvest nodes, one with 10sec harvest time, 20 and 30 seconds. I created an axe that has a passive ability linked to a passive effect of bonus that uses the default "Harvest Time". Looking in the database the value is used and the percent should not be. When I put in the following values these are the harvest times I get. (value/percent : final harvest time) 10 second default tree: (0/50 : 25) (0/100 : 17) (0/0 : 10) (5/0 : 10) (25/0 : 10) (25/25 : 42) (0/5 : 42) 20 second default tree: (0/50 : 40) (0/100 : 27) (0/0 : 20) (5/0 : 20) (25/0 : 20) (25/25 : 62) (0/5 : 62) 30 second default tree: (0/50 : 87) (0/100 : 87) (0/0 : 30) (5/0 : 30) (25/0 : 30) (25/25 : 62) (0/5 : 62) Now can anyone explain those results?
  23. In networking controllers, you have to take care of the networking logic, so the player movement could be received by the server and synchronized. It's not as simple as in a single-player game. Currently, there is no out of the box integration with controllers from the Asset Store. Atavism has its own controller that can be modified. Here you can find a similar discussion. At this point, a typical raycast would be possible on the client-side. We implemented raycast on the server in version 10.4, but it's not in use yet. It will be possible to use it out of the box in the future. If you want to use a non-target combat system you can use AoE with distance and angle definition which is presented in the combat tutorials series starting from skills https://unity.wiki.atavismonline.com/project/skills-plugin/
  24. Thanks. This partially clarifies the whole process. But could you please indicate how to change the combat system? I want the raycast system
  25. Yes, you can, there are no restrictions from our side what kind of game you will do, it's your responsibility to make it align with a law in your country.
  26. Hello. Let me send you a link to the similar post. In addition, Atavism has a 14 days trial you can use to evaluate it https://www.atavismonline.com/home/atavism/atavism-on-premises/atavism-2018-op-standard-subscription
  27. Hi there, I am interested to start experimenting with Atavism. However my intentions are to make a VR MMORPG but I am uncertain how that will work together with Unity. Would I be able to transfer some of the UI asset into VR? Will I run into and compatibility issues etc? I'm quite new to Unity and developing, so will be doing this more of a hobby than anything else. Any suggestions and clarification would be highly welcome and appreciated
  28. In networking controllers, you have to take care of the networking logic, so the player movement could be received by the server and synchronized. It's not as simple as in a single-player game. Currently, there is no out of the box integration with controllers from the Asset Store. Atavism has its own controller that can be modified. Here you can find a similar discussion.
  29. There are actually a lot of problems. It is not possible to replace the standard controller. Please tell me if there is an instruction on how to replace your controller with your own, or maybe there is already a solution that I can buy? I really like your product, but I would like to replace the character control and the camera
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