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  3. fixing terrain detail pop in the demo 2019.1
  4. Sometimes Unity can trick us, and scripts or shaders are not compiled until something will trigger it, maybe the trigger, in this case, was Atavism import. The issue you have is related to the shaders, while Atavism is not using shaders at all, but the 3rd party assets are.
  5. Thank you for your feedback. You recorded a nice video. Few elements I noticed: 1. Quest at first wasn't completed, because you didn't have enough space in the backpack. The message was presented on the screen. 2. When you tried to use ability you had information that you don't have required weapon. On the ability itself in the tooltip, there is information about the required weapon. During character creation you created warrior, so you should use greatsword weapon. 3. Lava map is mostly 1:1 from the Lava environment from Nature Manufacture, but we should definitely "close" it 4. We should definitely block spirit mode or add an NPC or region where you would be able to revive. 5. There is a list of commands available for you: https://wiki.atavismonline.com/project/playing-your-game/ The command which you were looking for was /stuck. Crashed can be related to the hardware like GPU, drivers or memory usage, but I doubt they are related to the Atavism itself.
  6. I fixes this problem by deleting enviro, uninstalling post processing and textmesh pro, closing unity and delete shader folder and shader database file in the library folder. After that i reinstalled text mesh pro and post processing and enviro - it works all fine now.
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  8. Hey Guys, i have the following problem, if i import the atavism Asset into my project, my Enviro sky and weather get the following errors: Shader error in 'Enviro/Standard/RaymarchClouds': failed to open source file: '../../../Core/Resources/Shaders/Core/EnviroFogCore.cginc' at line 22 (on d3d11) Compiling Vertex program Platform defines: UNITY_ENABLE_REFLECTION_BUFFERS UNITY_USE_DITHER_MASK_FOR_ALPHABLENDED_SHADOWS UNITY_PBS_USE_BRDF1 UNITY_SPECCUBE_BOX_PROJECTION UNITY_SPECCUBE_BLENDING UNITY_ENABLE_DETAIL_NORMALMAP SHADER_API_DESKTOP UNITY_LIGHT_PROBE_PROXY_VOLUME UNITY_LIGHTMAP_FULL_HDR Shader error in 'Enviro/Standard/EnviroFogRendering': failed to open source file: '../Core/EnviroVolumeLightCore.cginc' at line 32 (on d3d11) Compiling Vertex program with ENVIROVOLUMELIGHT Platform defines: UNITY_ENABLE_REFLECTION_BUFFERS UNITY_USE_DITHER_MASK_FOR_ALPHABLENDED_SHADOWS UNITY_PBS_USE_BRDF1 UNITY_SPECCUBE_BOX_PROJECTION UNITY_SPECCUBE_BLENDING UNITY_ENABLE_DETAIL_NORMALMAP SHADER_API_DESKTOP UNITY_LIGHT_PROBE_PROXY_VOLUME UNITY_LIGHTMAP_FULL_HDR without any atavism asset importet the enviro sky and weather package works fine. I really dont know what of the atavism package breaks my enviro down, hope to get some help. kind regards klungo
  9. also was a bit fragile and crashing whilst trying to use video capture devices. i imagine X is far more robust? as far as i can see need some work on optimisation to avoid crashes and also a need for a more stripped down level for tutorials. so people can build it up piece by piece otherwise there is a lot going on.
  10. first reactions to atavism demo october 2019 intro is great, menus and gui looking better than before, the game interface looking very strong, quest text is tiny and also needs voice work. interacting with npcs is fiddly combat system seemed janky, orc cant use axe or sword to hit beetles? lava area was cool but then i went out of bounds and could not get back anywhere sensible WHERE IS MY SOUL STONE / scroll of town portal? /fixposition command?! Still looking good but could do with a bit more ergonomics and features.
  11. Klungo

    UMA Simple Setup

    Hey guys, i downloaded UMA2 and start testing a bit to create some npcs for my enviroment. I got some free Assets from WILLBgameArt, but i cant put them into the simple setup scene. The simple setup scene includes a gui to easy generate characters, for me a very good way to do it, but i need more than the demo clothes. I tried different ways to put them into my wardrobe but it wont work anyway Maybe someone knows how to do it the right way or give me an alternative to generate characters with an gui.
  12. Great, it's a solid foundation for coding, especially as the server is in Java
  13. Thanks Killersan again appreciate your help as i am new to atavism but was quit easy once you understand how your product works... i come from java using eclipse and net beans lol
  14. Please send me a screenshot of your Atavism Manager in private. Also pack all logs and send them as well. How exactly this tcp world error looks like?
  15. i have everything working except unity3d client.... Eror code: unable to connect to tcp world
  16. finally figured it out im sorry for the noob questions just learning
  17. Very excited, keep up th good work!
  18. Default credentials for localhost connection are root/test, and for any other connection are atavism/atavism.
  19. Thank you for your feedback. Yes, we want to prepare more complete animation controller, but we don't have our own animations, so we cannot redistribute them. But you can see them in action in the demo, which as any element can be improved. Anyway, we are working on that part, to forge new cooperations, fill that gap, and make Atavism even more complete. Server-side physics is on our list for 2020, but we will see what will be on the roadmap presented in February 2020. We already started working on the next release, which is planned for November, so stay tuned
  20. hi killersan appreciate the reply back. im just stuck on the data base idea for mariadb everything is success but when i test the connections on unity3d it saids error cant connect to database user and pass word but its all the same??
  21. To follow this up, the lack of support for unreal has been the reason we haven't bought Atavism. As mentioned earlier, it's simply the scale factor, and the tried and tested (AAA) resources we have at our disposal in UE4 that makes it the go-to engine. It's certainly not perfect, but it's ahead of the curve. It feels like a AAA quality product. Unity, on the other hand, feels rather more ... Indie. That's not to diss Unity, but it's apparent they're playing catch-up. Sea of Thieves is a perfect example of simplicity in UE4, with the ability to build upon it. In terms of the effort in the physics - it's huge, but that's UE4 handling that internally, and that's about it! Plain GUIs for text etc. Animation heavy (again UE4). It's a wonderful opportunity to bring Atavism X - with the full scalability - into an engine that can handle that scaling. The only advice I have to give regarding Atavism as it stands - is that things like character animation that aren't finished (or in a basic form) look unprofessional, and diminish the overall quality of the product. Watching the videos, I could see that it is mostly to do with Unity, but it didn't look smooth, thus the reason we haven't bought Atavism. Having to fix jagged and janky character animations / walking is just another job and Unity isn't very kind in this regard. Obviously there's no physics, so that would have be added into the client but we all know that's far more achievable with UE4. Easily fixable in UE4, but a headache in Unity. Very much looking forward to this! Especially premium accounts, and high ranking players!!
  22. If you are on Windows then use Atavism Windows Manager, it's the simplest way to install server https://wiki.atavismonline.com/project/atavism-windows-manager/ and this tutorial on how to set the client https://wiki.atavismonline.com/project/atavism-client-unity-installation/ Let us know if you will still have issues with the installation.
  23. Atavism supports two systems, traditional models which you mentioned and UMA. For traditional models you can define elements, but there is no definition for base element, like you mentioned you have a body, and Atavism will equip some breastplate on top fot the default model, but if you will equip some leather chest it will remove the breastplate and equip the new item on top of the default body. It's also important to have these elements in the same prefab/model to animate them properly.
  24. Yes, that's correct. With the incoming update, there will be some changes in licensing, you can check it here Basically, 100 CCU will get an upgrade to 1000 CCU (no matter if you will purchase it now or later). You will be able to run an unlimited number of servers and environments. There will be one maintenance plan, independent on the license type or number of CCU. There will be one permanent standard license 1000 CCU and if you will want to add more CCU, you will just stack them on top, and your CCU will be summed up. There won't be back cover for maintenance, and there will be only 6 and 12 months plans, to simplify the process.
  25. Atavism 2019.1.2 works with Unity 2019.2 with one exception related to the .NET 4.x, there is a bug in Unity for which we will present workaround with the incoming Atavism release where once for three entries in runtime Unity will freeze. This issue is not related to the Unity 2019.2 but to the .NET 4.x, and while Unity 2019.2 has only .NET 4.x then you have a choice to use this version with the knowledge that you may experience such unity freezes or use older Unity version.
  26. I am looking to buy Atavism and start my project, but I don't quite understand the difference between the $30/month license and the $500 one time buy. It looks like you get the exact same thing with both packages, but the one time buy gets you 6 months of updates. Are they actually the same thing? If they are, why would I buy the $500 one time buy if I will just have to upgrade to $30/month after 6 months? Or will I never need to pay a monthly subscription with the one time buy? Or if I do the one time buy will I then just have to use the monthly maintenance plans? I am just trying to find which package will work best for me but I don't see a real difference between the packages. Any help here would be great, the asset looks amazing! [Edit] I think I understand how it works now, I think. It seems the $500 package is a one time buy and you can always set up a server for 100 CCU and have 6 months of updates. after the 6 months you will no longer have updates but you can still use Atavism tools and host your game. If I want to continue getting updates to the tools (which I definitely will) I will have to purchase the monthly maintenance package for $11/month. the #30/month package will come with all the Atavism tools, and all updates, and ability to host a game, but if I want to cancel the project and not pay the $30/month I can easily cancel. When I want to come back I just have to get the $30/month license again and I'm good to go. But with this package I will also never have to purchase the maintenance packages. Do I have everything correct?
  27. will you guys have a version for unity 2019.2 shortly? or does it work with the latest version? I know this isn't a pre-sale thread but since I am here.
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