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  1. Great, I'm glad North Networking sorted it out, but it's not a surprise as they are very responsive and quick in issues handling.
  2. Hello, of course. First, not sure what you mean by the latest version of Unity, as I believe it's 2021.1 and it's not supported by Atavism. I mean you can use it, but you would have to do two small changes in files, and I don't know if there are any other elements except that, as we haven't tested it yet. This version is pretty new. As for your issue, it seems you haven't got installed the Atavism server and your database world_content doesn't exist. What installation method are you using for your server?
  3. We haven't done such integration, but in my opinion, for MMO games such voice chat would cause a massive hit on your server performance and bandwidth. Anyway, it's definitely possible to implement it, as the server has the position of all players, so you would have to integrate it with that. It would be necessary to have such a solution integrated with Unity, so the server would send information who should hear you. I think you would have to use some kind of API of the voice chat, that would have to take arguments, like players positions, you would be connected to the voice chat server, a
  4. Atavism doesn't have it out of the box. You can use a custom unity package or code it by yourself.
  5. If you want to use a non-target combat system where you will shot someone from a long-range distance, then this is the best way to handle it in Atavism.
  6. Check if you have ability speed set to something higher than 0. Here is an ability with mount effect on friendly targets around the player, and it works perfectly fine. 2021-04-02_18h41_00.mp4 Also, which Atavism version are you using?
  7. As for the server there is a chance for that, as for the client, definitely not. Making just such software that would migrate your client from one engine to another would be extremely expensive and time consuming.
  8. Atavism is massive, it's not a shame to miss something. Don't be so harsh for yourself.
  9. Yes, the effect is called Threat. https://unity.wiki.atavismonline.com/project/effects-plugin/ Threat: Effect is commonly used in increasing or decreasing aggro of mobs. Right now aggro is based on damage dealt, so damage dealers are getting the most attention of mobs, which can be altered by putting an additional effect on different types of Abilities with this Threat Effect.
  10. I think that this feature should be designed from scratch, as there is nothing similar, maybe a building system where you would provide materials. So, you would need to define a totally new class within the same AGIS jar file.
  11. Hey, the threat is already implemented and it's based on damage dealt, and you can also alter it using additional effect for classes that don't do much damage, but should be able to keep aggro of enemies like tanks. To present specific stats for specific classes, you would have to code this and check what is the class of the player and enable some UI element. Colors are defined in the Login Scene -> Scripts -> Atavism Settings
  12. This is not something that is out of the box, you would have to code it to gather all pieces of something to make it work.
  13. There is a whole new tutorial series about the combat system including the non-target one.
  14. You can have multiple java versions, the most important is what environment parameters you have within your system. To ensure that your server is running with java 11, check proxy log or any other log, and find parameter java.runtime.version = 1.8.0_151-8u151-b12-0ubuntu0.17.10.2-b12 If you will have Java 11 there, you cna try to uninstall this version and keep only 8
  15. Have you verified that you used Java 11? Were you able to start your server using Java 8?
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