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  1. Hello. Atavism doesn't care what characters you will use. it will be the same as a humanoid character. As with any other character, you will probably use your own animations, and that's it. So, please follow the documentation on how to add your character to the game https://unity.wiki.atavismonline.com/project/character-model-race-and-class/
  2. You're welcome. Basically it's all about the database connection between Atavsim Standalone Editor and your server where the database resides.
  3. Hi, yes, you can make a mobile game using Atavism. We have a mobile package for Atavism which has a bit adjusted controller, added support for joystick, and slightly modified UI. Here you can check a mobile game made based on Atavism https://atavismonline.com/made-with-atavism/93-the-cursed-land https://www.thecursedland.com/ We never provided any game files like Metin as we do not have IP rights to such games. it means that the license can handle up to 1000 concurrently connected players to your server. You can extend this by another 1000 by stacking another license on top.
  4. Hello. Ensure that the database is running on your server because as far as I can see, the database port is not accessible on this IP address unless the server is not available anymore.
  5. I understand, but until the product is not ready, we won't provide any ETA. You can see how even big companies that are producing AAA games like CD Projekt RED or Blizzard, delayed their products due to issues they had, so you can try to predict something, and add time, but it can always be not enough. In this case, I won't give any potential false hope, unless it will be ready or nearly ready, like the last 5%. Even though I know it's not sufficient, all I can say is that it's in progress and going forward.
  6. It's going forward nicely, but I don't want to share anything that is not polished enough, or in development state. I hope that we will have some elements to share I'm not sure what you mean, currently, our game is on hold due to the amount of work on Atavism. It wasn't about coding remotely. When we hired a company, and devs started to catch covid, some couldn't work. Dev also has family that he/she has to take care of in various situations. It's your choice. We are not promising any timeline related to Unreal, but we are working on it, and I hope we will be starting sharing things one after another soon. Things in Atavism, like in any MMO game, are connected to each other, we have many elements ready like items, and combat, but not mobs, so they are just cubes. We don't want to share something that even is functional but not fully appealing.
  7. To be honest, we haven't used the Salsa package, but probably it's all about matching bones somehow. As far as I remember Orc and other race models should be rigged as humanoid, so maybe there is just an additional bone or something.
  8. Camera that is not rendering layer where texts are. Check if you can see texts in the scene view, if so, then it's camera setting.
  9. It's really hard to say if something is simple or not as it heavily depends on your skills. There are many developers who are implementing changes and new features into Atavism, but it's really hard to answer your question precisely.
  10. Change server log level to debug. To do so go to the worlld.properties configuration file, and change it there to 1, default value is 4. ### ### The default log level of the server. ### ### AO-Level log4j Level ### 0 TRACE ### 1 DEBUG ### 2 INFO ### 3 WARN ### 4 ERROR ### atavism.log_level=4 So, set it to 1, restart the server, then reproduce the issue, craft something, pack all logs from the atavism_server/log/world directory, and send them to support@atavismonline.com with this forum post link. Also, after you modified your recipes, are you sure that you restarted your server?
  11. How are you opening the crafting panel? By clicking on a crafting station or from the menu, or differently?
  12. Can you show me that you can click the craft button? I can't reproduce this on my end. https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/lbgik8vlie6gdfdg9vzlk/2024-01-10_12h39_45.mp4?rlkey=yyf956wbcuq73lcnsgonxmf9x&dl=0
  13. RPG Builder is a single-player framework while Atavism is a networking one, this is the main difference, but of course, there are others. The technology that both solutions are using is different, features are also different.
  14. Client-side sources are fully available for any modifications, the same with Atavism Standalone Editor. Server-side sources are mostly open, like 99% of them, while 1% is closed due to low-level networking and license checks. Developers are constantly modifying things in Atavism and adjusting them to work as they want to. We cannot cover all use cases even if we are trying to.
  15. Hello, In the current Atavism version, you can bind abilities to weapons using weapon profiles and then bind actions to specific keys, like the left mouse button, right mouse button, etc. https://unity.wiki.atavismonline.com/project/weapon-profile/ Another way is using simple requirements for specific abilities, so Ability 1, and Ability 2 for dedicated for warrior with equipped sword should have required sword weapon. On the main camera in the main world scene, you can set various settings, to automatically select an entity that you will target with your crosshair https://unity.wiki.atavismonline.com/project/camera-and-controller-settings/ There are many approaches for resource nodes. We provided such an approach in the example, but you can make more complex ones. Trees are falling down while you are chopping them down, which normally probably shouldn't occur, because what will happen if you will abort the harvesting? It should cancel it, and the tree should be still available for harvesting. This is what is happening here, so it's all about configuration and your imagination of what and how should work.
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