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  1. We have plans to start such custom service this year, but at this point it's hard to tell exactly when, so if you will find anyone, don't wait for us
  2. There is no FTP on our VM. Instead use SFTP, so the default SSH credentials root/atavism and port 22.
  3. It's really odd. I doubt it would be Java JRE instead of JKD, rather some issue with the database itself, but I'm glad you sorted it out.
  4. There are two possible cases of such behavior: 1. Incorrect license key and mail in the configuration 2. Network issue like DNS or firewall Send me your email or license key in private message and I'll check the first case for you
  5. You're welcome. Let me know if you will need any further assistance with this.
  6. Our main goal is to finish the first Atavism for Unreal version which will be based on Atavism 10.1 in Q1 2021. There are also some factors to prolong it a bit, like UE5 which will be provided in preview state in early 2021, and Atavism for Unity 10.4 which is planned for February/March. Based on that we are thinking about making Atavism for Unreal 10.1, and then start porting all features from 10.2, 10.3, and 10.4 to Unreal as well along with the engine switch from version 4.24 to 5, to have it ready for UE5. We will definitely inform you during the road about the progress. Also, it's im
  7. This usually means that the prefab was moved somewhere after you set the mob and assigned the prefab in the Atavism Editor. The mob settings are saved in the database, so if you will move the prefab within your project you have to open the editor, provide it again, and resave the mob template.
  8. In the new Atavism client you should have something like this So, the Atavism should be grouped. If you don't have it in the menu, please check your Unity console log, as most probably you have some errors there and Unity is not letting you to compile scripts properly. Here is a screenshot on how to open console log
  9. One license can run as many servers as you want, but up to the CCU limit, so with 2 servers, you would have 2 x 500 CCU. By stacking up it means that if you will need more than 1000 CCU you can get another license which will add another 1000 CCU to the pool, so with 2 licenses, you will have 2000 CCU.
  10. If it's possible, please send them at support@atavismonline.com
  11. Set Host: Username: atavism Password: atavism as in the documentation
  12. Ok, so you have some errors for sure, can you show me your terminal which is opening after you are starting the world server? Most probably it's related to the Hostname, and External Hostname/IP, for now you can set them to to test it locally.
  13. You downloaded the perfect set for the startup. Install Atavism Manager https://unity.wiki.atavismonline.com/project/atavism-windows-manager/ to set our server up and running, there you will have to provide your Atavism Server .zip file which will be installed and set automatically for you. The only thing you will have to do is to set your mail and license key in the software, then install and setup Atavism Unity full demo https://unity.wiki.atavismonline.com/project/atavism-client-unity-installation/, and in the end Atavism Standalone which will have similar settings as Atavism Editor in
  14. Were you able to resolve your installation/configuration issues?
  15. Atavism Editor v10.3.0 = Atavism Editor v10.3.0 standalone, it's the same application. I said standalone, as it's Unity independent.
  16. Atavism is operating as a server and peer to peer is not supported. In such a case, the whole server-side logic would be obsolete. You can sell your game on steam. There is already one game there called Arcfall that was made in Atavism. Character creation functionality can be visually disabled but Atavism is tracking the player progress using character data.
  17. Take your time. We have hundreds of installations that work perfectly fine, so I'm sure it will be something simple to fix. We are in UTC +1.
  18. Thank you for your purchase. Al features are available in the Editor and in Atavism for you, probably you mean the lock icons, there are not important, all are available for you. You can reskin and edit everything in the UI, models, scenes, even scripts, so it's hard to tell which element you weren't able to modify. Can you give me one example, so we could use it as a reference to resolve this element? I don't understand this element. You should be able to enter play mode, then register your player account within your own server, log in using your own credentials, and
  19. HI. I totally understand you. Due to covid, so many people are in tough situations. I hope this covid thing will be over soon, and you will be in better financial condition. Atavism 70% sale will last until the 1st of December. Probably there will be a further sale after but more like 50%, and if so, it will last until the end of the year.
  20. Thank you for the comprehensive feedback. Non-target combat is supported out of the box in Atavism, and it was expanded in 10.2.x version by adding nearly 50 features only for combat like stealth mode, shields that can absorb or reflect damage, traps, AoE on location, projectile and AoE movements speed simulated on the server to evade them, triggers on actions, like invoke something on a critical hit, on damage, on evade, on heal, etc. Basically, it brings combat to a whole new level. As for other games, the one you mentioned is more like a MOBA. For these types of games, you won't n
  21. It depends on the scope. We have Atavism Cloud Service which is based on the North Networking infrastructure. They have servers in the US and EU, and IMHO prices are really good and affordable, especially for a start, development, and test. At a later stage, I would recommend you to use some bare metal hardware, as Virtualization always has some overhead and it's less efficient than the hardware itself. Another company that we are using from time to time is Netcup they have decent prices, a long time ago, they had much better service, but still, it's a good option. In the end, we are
  22. You can set up your server anywhere, even on your PC, but the Atavism server must have an internet connection to do license checks. Yes, it's possible to publish your game on steam, one of the clients published his game called Arcfall, you can check it here https://store.steampowered.com/app/623310/Arcfall/ We haven't tested Atavism on Xbox nor PS, but I have no reasons to think that it wouldn't work.
  23. Atavism works based on instances which are scene representation on the server, so in the instance, you have mobs, NPCs, resource nodes, interactive objects, regions, basically all Atavism objects, and of course players, that can be switched by the player to improve Unity performance, so your player can be teleported to another instance (scene). Also, Atavism can start many copies of the same instance for you. Let's say you will define that your world instance can have up to 500 players, then if 501 will enter Atavism will create another copy for him. It's a very common solution for optimizing
  24. You can reskin any UI element, change models, modify or replace controller and use gamepad. You can use your 3d assets and custom arts. You can add your own characters, NPCs, mobs, and animations, textures, models as you want. Terrain size is limited by Unity, not Atavism, so it depends how heavy assets you will use and how detailed your world will be. I personally wouldn't go bigger than 8 x 8. You can use instances to swtich between scenese, you can have as many instances as you want and split the workaload between them. You can use 3rd party terrain assets, we used some like TC, TC2, Gena f
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