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  1. I would absolutely love that. That would be amazing if you made such plugin.
  2. Darn.. that's a shame. I really want to have the weather sync between all clients :/
  3. Well, kind of both. I basically want to see a list of all characters that are online, and their name, as well as the account username associated with them. I would also want to get things such as their current location (instance). I am mainly looking for if this is stored in one of the databases somewhere, as the first method. If this isn't stored in the database, I am open to anything else, remember I am using this for web based using PHP.
  4. Hello and Happy Holidays! I am wondering if anybody knows of a way to get a list of online players, or where this could be stored in the database, like if each character has an online field that is either marked 0 or 1, and where that would be stored. I am building a control panel for my game (a website, in PHP), and it will have a moderation section. I am connecting to my website database as well as my game databases to do certain operations, and one of the things I need to do is fetch a list of current online players for my moderation section. Anyone know of how I can do this? I know where it stores how many players are online, but I need to know which players are online. Please keep in mind, I am doing this in a website, so I am using PHP with MySQL. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello. I know a few of you use or have used Unistorm in your projects. So I am asking, has anyone made a plugin for unistorm to sync weather across the server? So all new players will spawn into the world and the weather will be in sync with the players already online? So basically all players will have the same weather, and same time of day. If any of you have made a plugin for this, do you mind sharing it or how you went about this? Thanks in advance.
  6. Awesome! I look forward to seeing this in the future
  7. Thank you for your reply! I do see what you are saying with the "/invite 22212312333421212". However, I will most likely not be utilizing that command in my game, I will probably custom program it in where they can send invites by clicking on the respective option when clicking on the player. I am mainly more worried about allowing my player namers to have more than one word names (ex. Bob Smith). I only suggested allowing multiple players to have the same name for the heck of it. I really want to allow my characters to have more than one word names, as the one word is far too basic, and can't think of any game out there that restricts you to only having a one word character name.
  8. Hello everyone! Been quite a while since i've been in here. Firstly, I am very excited about the new leadership of Atavism, and hope this will bring Atavism to its fullest potential. My suggestion/request is being able to have more than one word in your name. In the current setup, you can only have one word in a name (ex. Tom). This just isn't working for me or my game, I want to allow my players to have multiple worded names, such as "Tom Smith The First", not just one name. It would also be really nice if there were allowed to be more than one of the same name. So we could have multiple "Bob" running around our game. My guess for the names is that Atavism uses the name for referring that player, rather than the player's unique ID (correct me if i'm wrong). So if this is the case, it would require referring to player's by their ID rather than name for this to work. Really, the main reason I am suggesting allowing multiple players with the same name is because I plan to have my game be family friendly, and want all names to be approved before being shown to everyone else, and until their name is approved, it will display a preset name (such as "newplayer" or "notyetapproved" just for examples). I would be able to implement this myself if multiple players were allowed to have the same name. To me, this is something huge that Atavism lacks that should be addressed sooner than later. It would be extremely appreciated by myself, and i'm sure many other players. I understand there are more important things to tackle right now such as bug fixes, but this is just a suggestion by me to be implemented whenever possible. Thanks
  9. Hey, thanks for the reply! I guess in a recent Unistorm update, the auto player setup requires a player object (Game Object), and won't let me just assign a camera, so i'm not sure what to use for the Player Object.
  10. Hey everyone! So I recently purchased unistorm from the Unity asset store, and noticed I wasn't getting any rain particles when the weather was set to rain. I contacted the developer, and he said I needed to use the unistorm auto player setup to assign a camera and player model. I explained to him that I am using Atavism for my game, and it isn't possible to attach a player model since it has it's own character creation system. He then told me that he has customer's that use Atavism with Unistorm and they have not had any issues. I am just wondering if any of you have used Atavism with Unistorm, and if so, what did you do as far as assigning the character model? Thanks in advance!
  11. Would it be possible to add a feature to set the maximum amount of a particular item you can have in an inventory? Like for example, I have a healing tonic, that restores 250 health each time it is consumed (by the way, for some reason it is set to a consumable but after I click it, it does consume it, but doesn't disappear from inventory. Not sure if that's a bug or not). I have the stack limit set to 5, but that is the most of that item I would like a player to have. Even after they reach their 5, it could start a new stack, which I don't want it to do. This would be very useful in this instance, for example. Say they have 30 tonics, that would make combat far too easy, I want them to only be allowed to have 5. While i'm on this topic, is it possible to set a custom cooldown for certain consumable items? So would it be possible to add a system like the once mentioned in the first paragraph? Maybe even make it so if they player has the max amount allowed, don't allow anymore to be found in loot, or be purchased from a merchant. Thanks in advance.
  12. POTGSAtavism

    Found 2 bugs

    Yes, I would recommend doing what bbautista suggested. I just tested my game out, and my death animation will play as much as needed. Granted, I am using different animations, and modified my animation controller. But yea, login, select your character, then when in game, choose your player in the hierarchy, and have your animator opened, so you can see what state it is in, and what is going on with it. I don't think this is a bug with atavism, something just may not be set up correctly in your controller.
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