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  1. Hi sorry to bother you all but i have an issue i have been away from atavism for a long while due to illness, i have forgot how to add hair packs if some one could help me would be appreciated. thanks Z
  2. Can anybody make head or tails of this it is for the tattoo and warpaint pack i hope some one can help as i am literly stuck thanks in advance Z
  3. so what you are saying is i need to buy the maintenance plan to get the update to 2018
  4. so what everybody is saying is that if we want the new 2018 we have to pay full price again.In other words get the old one and bin it yes,why the hell cant you do an add on to 2.7 like you did with 2.61 to 2.7. i cant afford the 500$ for 20 players or what your asking for the 500 players ,where do you think people have got money like that from it took me a long time to get this one and now i find out thats it what the **** are you playing at come on guys there has to be an in between method here.
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