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  1. please move to english "New Features and Improvement thread"
  2. please move to english "New Features and Improvement thread"
  3. please move to english "New Features and Improvement thread"
  4. Hi, A slight issue... the indicator are show a green arrow pointing upwards (indicating an improvement) even though the gear has a negative value to the stat. See below for the arcana stat which is infact a -1 decrease to your stat but is indicating an improvement by having a green arrow pointing upwards. Should be a red arrow pointing downwards. Thanks in advance! /raptorixx
  5. .Hi, Another thing we need... When you create a crafting recipe today you can choose what crafting station is required and you have an option to choose ~none~. Doing this should allow us to create the recipe from the crafting window WITHOUT being close to a crafting station. So basically whenever you want. ie in my case I want the players to be able to craft bandages out in the wilderness... but even if setting the recipe to ~none~ the craft button is still greyed out even all reagents needed available. So Allow crafting button to be always clickable regardless if you are near a crafting station or not when you have ~none~ set as Crafting Station on the recipe Thanks in advance! /raptorixx
  6. Hi, We need a fix for the multiple dodge messages when you have more then one effect on an ability. For example I have a magic bolt which has ONE damage effect and ONE threat effect. I would say for all abilities that are involved in combat your will have one (or more effects) for the ability itself and one threat generating effect. However doing this will result in TWO dodge messages popping up when the monster dodges your attack. As I see it it should be ONE dodge message per ABILITY and not per effect /Raptorixx
  7. Also interested in knowing how this is going.
  8. Hi, I am considering buying Atavism, but I have a question.. Lets say I would buy a 500 concurrent user package. Would it be possible for me in some way to create a lobby etc where I can run my game in instances with a maximum allowance of 4 ppl? Basically what I want to achieve is to limit the amount of players to be 4 per "game" but having the server to allow plenty of 4-players "games". Is that achievable? Best Regards! /R
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