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  1. Yea I figured as much. It would be a huge re write. And P2P servers would be a massive rewrite as well. P2P is a peer to peer server. Meaning, players could host their own. Why would this be good? Space. We wouldn't have to worry about land/map sizes. Since any mmo created with atavism is going to be a crafting/building mmo, player run servers would solve that headache for us. I realize a world can be split when the population is too full, but in todays age, people love hosting their own servers. I have yet to see an mmo do it officially. Normally you have people host pirated servers. Like an unofficial wow server or a bdo server.
  2. I honestly forgot all about this lol.. I moved to another state. Took a full time developer job in Austin, Texas for a MSP company. Had another child, another one on the way. That makes 4 kids. Busy busy busy! The last thing I remember doing, was researching how to make prefabs OUTSIDE of unity.... which I in-fact did figure out. And it was super stupid easy to do. Will I continue this project? I don't see why not. In fact, a webapp may be a better option than a windows program. The whole point of this project, was to make it easier for other team members that do not have unity, to make quests and other new stuff. A technical artist does not need unity or atavism. They just simply need an editor to make items, quests, stat changes, etc etc. I'll sit on it for a bit.
  3. With the new owner of atavism, are there plans to ditch the early 2000's combat system? Once you have a taste of black desert online's combat, other mmo's just seem..... old. Also, will there be any plans of having P2P server hosting. A lot of us (customers prior to buyout) have 0 interest in keeping up "official" servers. Thanks!
  4. Whelp... I am going to be working on this for the time being as I wait for a few of my hired artists to finish up. I changed the way it looks. The old way was with WPF.... I hate WPF. I am also trying to work out a way to send data from unity to the application. That way, you don't have to write down xyz positions for markers and when you make an item, you can import them into your atavism project. So by the end, this will be a desktop application AND a unity script that will work together. I tried to grab the OLEObjectData by draging and droping a gameobject from unity INTO my program, but the data is garbage, as I know it would be. So a unity script will have to be made. No problem though Stay tuned!
  5. Yes I am still making this. I am making it at the same time as I make my game. It's not hard to program at all.... its just super tedious with all the WinControl swaps I have to do. And making Atavism 2D compatible is taking up most of the time. But don't worry, It will come out
  6. AlanGreyjoy


    So i started to play around with consumables today... I am not a big fan of it. In the long run, if I have say... 100 consumable items (cake, pumpkin pie, whatever) I will need to have 100 Abilities named after that consumable as well. Is this the best way to go about this? If it is, I'm fine with that.
  7. Project Name: The Legend of Kilgore Description: The Legend of Kilgore is a 2D Pixel top down MMORPG. For now, there is no story or content. Kilgore is a place, but I have not really dug into anything yet. I am open to ANY story lines anyone has to offer! What is needed: I am not much of an artist. (although my job is being a drafter....) We need everything. Icons, Weapons, Armor, tilesets, building tilesets, interior tilesets, all of it. I wish I could help out here. But I am a programmer. The game is now fully ready for some art work! The style is a cross from A link to the past and Stardew Valley. It has to be fantasy themed. Steampunk is also cool. Japanese fantasy is also cool. Pay: I have started a google sheet with a list of current open jobs. I pay half up front, half later. No BS. Just grown ups handling business. Thank link is here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1OIxp3BTUtB7q2AqqwWwl7j6Z1ah0qSOxJO4GuUuujnc/edit?usp=sharing If you would like to quote a job, please provide previous art work and if I like what I see, I will provide you a link to edit the spreadsheet spreadsheet. Just put your Quote amount and your name next to it. Budget: My budget is simple. The wife can't punch me in the face. Current Artists: I have a couple of artists on board and they have been paid. The most talented right now is this guy http://www.desixstudios.com/ Think you can do better? Website: www.thelegendofkilgore.com It's a mess right now. It's wordpress. I can program it fine, just need some more art work
  8. Not stopped at all! My HDD took a poo, I didn't lose any of the program, but I did have to reinstall the atavism server and everything else with it. It's taking longer... only cause I keep finding more and more unused sql data columns. So just looking at the atavism editor in unity and making controls based on that is not working that great. I would like to have our stuff saved to all columns and tables, even if Andrew does not have the coded to work in atavism yet. Once they are, then all your items will be good to go I'll post some screens a little later! Thanks for the interest!
  9. Just wanted to post a status. I am still working on this every chance I get. It really is a massive undertaking... But it will be done and it will be awesome You'll be able to do data entry from anywhere, with or without unity even installed Maybe atavism will add a "Editor License" option. So you can buy a seats for your data entry team without buying them a full atavism license And as long as you or your team has good naming conventions, then adding icons through this editor will work as well. I also found two new options for us to use in the mysql database. Item categories and sub categories! I'll be adding that into my editor. It will make finding items a lot more easy and convenient. If you click on ADD anywhere you need to add an item You will get a Item Search box As you can see, good things are coming
  10. Hey guys, So I wanted to show a very VERY early design for a desktop application I am making called ATAVISM ADMIN PANEL. We all know how tiny the built in editor is and how it can get a little frustrating to use sometimes. Nothing to do with Atavism, but its more with unity. There really is only so much you can do to the editor. Now this is a very very early design, so there will be changes. Future Plans: FULL atavism database editor FULL server management software (Kick, ban, player coords, logs, everything.) Drag and drop (minecraft) style recipe editor Can be run from ANY computer with or with out unity installed. (All you need is the MySQL user and pass) Stay tuned for more info and details! *This will be a "for purchase" program. I don't have a price point yet, but I will drum one up soon.
  11. I enjoy how you think I just pulled this out of my ass.
  12. Now.. Is there a api call we can make client side for a coordeffect to play? Always wondered that. I've typed random functions to see whats available lmao. Never could find anything that will launch a coord effect from the client.
  13. I would like to see this document, have been using this thing since the beginning and have never seen let alone agreed to any form of EULA You and me both bub.
  14. Correct. The way it was explained to me is... and I quote "It circumvents atavisms security checks and it also goes around the "license per seat" rule". It would be up to andrew to add some sort of .... web api i guess. Where we call into to check at least if the username is good.
  15. Ok... you didn't read all of what i said lol. I already programmed all that too (You may have missed my post a couple of days ago. It got pulled). I even programmed recipe adding and quest adding You HAVE to make the program LOG INTO ATAVISMS CUSTOMER DATABASE. The program HAS TO VALIDATE that they are A CUSTOMER of atavism. You know... that thing you log into that unlocks the atavism window editor? That checks to see if you actually bought atavism? Yea. That thing. That thing has to be in the 3rd party program as well. Sorry for the caps.... had to make it ... more clear.
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