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  1. Thank you for watching the video. I have worked for a game maker for 17 years and am an expert in environmental production. It's been a while since I've seen characters and animations. but unity is a beginner. I'm trying out various assets. Atavism is a very good system I bought it considering a transfer, Installation does not work.
  2. This is a video of the game I make. This is a video about some of the growth factors of action RPGs. The video will be closed soon as it is still an unfinished work.
  3. Thank you for answering I would like to take the time to verify it. However, I am in trouble because I cannot install it now. https://forum.atavismonline.com/topic/4087-questions-about-edit-profile/
  4. I'm currently making a single action RPG by combining multiple assets, I am having a hard time verifying the compatibility of asset combinations. So with Atavism's integrated system I want to create an inventory and skill system.
  5. Thanks for your comment I also check the comments about Arcfall. Arcfall was a multiplayer game. Is there a game produced and sold as a single RPG? I also found a comment that it is not suitable for single RPG production. Can you make a single RPG? I want to start production after clarifying whether it can be done. If I can make a single RPG, I'll remake my own game I'm working on.
  6. ① Is it possible to create a multiplayer system like the Dark Soul series? ② Single play Can you create an action RPG? ③ Is it possible to create the above games ① and ② and sell them on Steam? ④I don't need the player character creation function, can I eliminate it? * Dark Soul Multiplayer = A system where the host calls guests as needed
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