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  1. Thanks for the quick response dude. I dont mean to ask some many questions, its just hard to navigate around such a huge project and keep up with discord, and verifying information on discord. Thanks again, hopefully I wont have to waste your time for a little while.
  2. Are you guys planning on releasing a mobile toolkit or version of Atavism? I read on the discord that there was a mobile development in progress. Is this real? If so, is there an ETA on this?
  3. Is there documentation or videos that go over the socket and slot system for atavism? I imported a model from Iclone and I cant seem to get the weapons or clothing to work right. An example is the sword stays in the same spot, and i'm not sure how to get armor to equip (and show) while in game. I see the atavism mob appearance, and i think I understand it. But how do I get weapons to equip, and move while attacking like in the demo? Also, when I try to equip demo armor I get this error: Could not load equipmen
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