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  1. Its not a fresh project but still just laying ground work. Not sure if we want to upgrade and risk changing other things. Though if I can't figure out why this is not working that doesn't bode well for further development. We can't keep doing fresh installs. I'm going to reboot everything as I double checked my setup was the same (passive ability, bonus effect, etc...) but even when I removed those from the item and verified the tree resource still had a harvest time of 10 seconds I was seeing 17 seconds when I try to harvest it? If the reboot and reset doesn't fix it, I will try a fresh install and let you know how that goes.
  2. I am not sure what I did wrong. I setup it up the way you described though in the past in the editor we could enter negative values but not it will not let us. I tried using both the Atavism Editor v10.3.0p11 and the atavism editor (atavism online) in unity. I have not updated anything that I am aware of and everything should be built on the 10.3.0 versions. I agree looking at the bonus setup percentage should not be used but for some reason those were the results I was seeing when I ran the game? I am still trying to debug it but at least its good to know I'm doing what I should there must be something I'm missing.
  3. Atavism promises the world but what they deliver is cryptic, broken and unsupported. They have countless interfaces, prebuilt gui's, plugins, etc... but no guides what so ever on how to use them. There is the atavism wiki which has maybe a few tutorials that cover maybe 2% of their code. The rest is not covered at all. Attribute types, ranges, values how they are linked or what the attributes even mean. This is supposed to be a template for others to use but without guidance or just a money sync for identical plug and play since no one can actually use 90% of what they deliver, unless there are hidden guides some where which are just not posted. Does anyone have any idea if that is true as their own demo has 999+ issues straight off their site?
  4. Sadly the tutorials and help guides are seriously lacking for atavism. I have been trying to figure out how to add a passive effect to an axe that decreases the harvest time. I have tried passive abilities, effects, etc... and nothing seems to actually work. It all looks like it should with the Effect Type: Bonuses, and Bonus Type: Harvest Time, but you enter a value (since the % section is disabled) but then it never triggers. Does anyone know of a guide or can provide a step by step guide on how to apply passive ability/effects specifically to an item that affect Harvest Time and quantity? Example: I have a 3 tree harvest nodes, one with 10sec harvest time, 20 and 30 seconds. I created an axe that has a passive ability linked to a passive effect of bonus that uses the default "Harvest Time". Looking in the database the value is used and the percent should not be. When I put in the following values these are the harvest times I get. (value/percent : final harvest time) 10 second default tree: (0/50 : 25) (0/100 : 17) (0/0 : 10) (5/0 : 10) (25/0 : 10) (25/25 : 42) (0/5 : 42) 20 second default tree: (0/50 : 40) (0/100 : 27) (0/0 : 20) (5/0 : 20) (25/0 : 20) (25/25 : 62) (0/5 : 62) 30 second default tree: (0/50 : 87) (0/100 : 87) (0/0 : 30) (5/0 : 30) (25/0 : 30) (25/25 : 62) (0/5 : 62) Now can anyone explain those results?
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