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  1. There is logic in the script of the SDETargeting.cs /* * USAGE NOTES * In Atavism3dPersonInput, make these public: * Make mouseLookLocked public (can hide in inspector) * Make cameraTargetOffset public * Make cameraFirstPerson public (but hide in inspector) * * In Atavism3rdPersonInput, add a public SDETargeting variable * In its Start method, check if the variable is null * if it isn't, create an SDETargeting component and add it to the Atavism3rdPersonInput's game object * * Additionally, the UpdateVisualCursor method must be changed (just one part) so soft targeting c
  2. Just wondering if proximity voice chat would be compatible with this, if so which?
  3. I noticed there was the ability to do non target combat, I was wondering if this extends to ranged abilities. I guess I could make an ability that has a small cone infront of the player with a long range, but is there a better way to do a shooting mechanic? And what about drive able vehicles other players can get into? Is there a way to implement that
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