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  1. Thanks for the help. The system works almost exactly as I wanted it to. We implemented it a little differently, since we need the ability to shoot when the enemy is not selected. The wiki is very detailed and incredibly useful, but sometimes to see a solution, you need someone to indicate where to look for it))) Could you tell me if it is possible to use raycast now? Where to look?))
  2. Thanks. This partially clarifies the whole process. But could you please indicate how to change the combat system? I want the raycast system
  3. There are actually a lot of problems. It is not possible to replace the standard controller. Please tell me if there is an instruction on how to replace your controller with your own, or maybe there is already a solution that I can buy? I really like your product, but I would like to replace the character control and the camera
  4. I'm sorry, I was writing in English, but I didn't notice that the translator automatically translated I'm trying to integrate a character controller from opsive, but I can't get the desired result. maybe someone has a solution
  5. Hello everyone, maybe someone has already encountered this problem, please tell me how you can integrate the controller from opsive with the least losses?
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