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  1. Are there no one with insightfull information to answer these questions?
  2. Hello! I'm curious about Atavism license and customization availability. Your 499$ license says up to 1000 concurrent users and that you can stack this license to go further, does that mean i would have to buy 2 full 499$ licenses in order to have 2000 players in "my game"? For customization, i do not know much C# but i know much of Unity's basics. And i am willing to buckle down and learn C# ofc. Does this plugin give me absolute controll? Can i add my own scripts and features, tweak already implemented features etc. Essentially i want the core and build my castle upon this, hoping Atavism is that core for me. Edit: Your demo does not seem to work at all, installed, launched, inside the game, cannot attack any monsters, cannot pick up any quests at all, no systems work Ty
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