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  4. It is a harmless issue which will be fixed in the incoming release. I think we resolved the issue on the discord, and it was related to another database within the system.
  5. Hi, I'm having an issue getting the Atavism server to work on my windows 10 system. I had it working before but had to reinstall stuff. I have gone thru the installation video and that did not help. my master server tells me "./auth.sh: line 93: [: =: unary operator expected". pls let me know if you need to know more to help "Thanks for any help"
  6. Depending if you want to use it with UMA or traditional model.
  7. Hey Zaliden, Go to atavism Discord, there is a place dedicated to Atavism_Uma support https://discordapp.com/invite/z95htJA
  8. You can create an effect with type threat which will increase aggro towards you. NPC is automatically saved, you can set roam radius with value 0, so he won't roam.
  9. Is it possible to create a skill aggression? When a player uses this skill on a monster, he evo attacks. Is it possible to make the NPC (statue) Save the respawn point
  10. Hi, do you still need a partner, kobaltic?
  11. Hi sorry to bother you all but i have an issue i have been away from atavism for a long while due to illness, i have forgot how to add hair packs if some one could help me would be appreciated. thanks Z
  12. You can try to find a team member to your project on our discord server, we have a dedicated channel for that.
  13. There may be many elements which can cause that. The most common with Unity 2018.3.x and Atavism is related to http://wiki.atavismonline.com/project/atavism-client-unity-installation/ point 7, which is because Atavism uses System.Data and System.Drawing libraries for years, and since in Unity 2018.3.x they added these libraries by default to this version, so there may be conflict, and all you have to do is to remove one of the copy. Rest can be related to TextMesh Pro for example, but you should follow these 7 steps on how to adjust your unity client.
  14. I'm at work right now but I'll send some photos when I get home. The errors are related to scripts that come with ths package.
  15. Hello, it would be nice if you could show us the errors, as right now we just know you have them
  16. Hey guys, its been along time since ive been interested in game development (10 years) but recently had my interest peeked. I've recently decided to use Unity and this seems to be a good base to start. Ive been messing with it for a bit and still cant work out some things. Is there someone here that can give me the exact unity and Atavism files im required to install to allow for my complier to opperate without script errors? I followed the youtube video but i cant get past a point as i get a script error. Unity Version - 2018.3.2 Atavism Version 2018.3.1 Please dont tell me its as simple as downgrading to unity 2018.3.1 TIA
  17. I'm glad you found the cause.
  18. One of the Atavism Supporters is developing cms which will be free for all Atavism clients, Join us on the discord server, and there you will find a dedicated channel related to that.
  19. I have a lot of ideas, but no knowledge to made it by own... where can i find developer who are atavism experts? hire with good value, not cheap, of course... (not www.freelancer.com)
  20. i found the error: i have a logitech g602 (mouse) and a logitech m570 (trackball) on this hp z420-workstation... i must unplug the trackball and it works fine...
  21. 4 years later... is the cms working?
  22. Atavism is available with two versions: 1. With Demo data which includes all configuration examples as you might see on the videos including models, and the environment. 2. Core version without examples, which has a basic configuration, and require some additional settings to start, but it has just the smallest as possible scene examples like a plane without mobs, models, etc. It's up to you which version you will use. Atavism has at this moment two types of combat, target oriented where you select the target to invoke the action or non-target where you basically using abilities which are around player with the angle, range, and area you can define, based on which enemy within the are will get the damage or not.
  23. I have another question. Is the fighting set up to resemble Final Fantasy or can I choose how to set up the fighting? I want my fighting to resemble a Skyrim feeling of a RPG/Action/Survival game. I dont like the Final Fantasy version of fighting. I like pure action fighting.
  24. Thanks for the feedback. After purchasing the product. I would import into unity like I would other assets,correct? Would I start from scratch like i would do a normal project and import my assets or have a base project already established? I notice the videos from people's games has the same landscape and assets as the demo!
  25. Thank you for your feedback. Basically, Ataivsm is a feature-rich MMORPG framework, so each developer can adjust settings to the needs. For example, we are providing mouse sensitivity within game settings, but as a developer you have access to change many parameters without coding, for the camera, depending on the controller, it can be Keep in mind that Atavism Live Demo is a game example based on Atavism build within just a 2 weeks, where 13 days we spent in total on the environment, and 1 day for Atavism integration. According to your questions: Yes, of course, we even have a short tutorial on how to integrate Atavism into the ready environment based on Nature Manufacture Frozen River Demo: http://wiki.atavismonline.com/project/integration-into-existing-scene/ Yes, same as point 1, same tutorial. We are providing exclusively made for Atavism, fully functional UI Theme, which you can use for your production, and you can adjust, change or swap any element you want. Atavism has some code which is locked, like license checks, or low-level networking. Yes, of course, our main project has the size of 320GB, where most are additional assets. Switching, adjusting, or adding new animations is easy. You can also easily add new models, race, class, etc. to your project, here is a short tutorial how you can do this http://wiki.atavismonline.com/project/character-model-race-and-class/ Yes, depending on your needs you can adjust our camera settings or adapt your solution to work with Atavism. Atavism works even on mobiles, we haven't tested consoles, but Unity handling this part so it's not hard to implement. How adjustable Atavism is you can see in the made with Atavism section on our website: https://www.atavismonline.com/made-with-atavism As you saw Atavism Live Demo, you will notice that the art, look, models are totally different, as these elements are not exactly relevant with Atavism, which is about algorithms and logic with ease of configuration using Atavism Editor (graphics interface for setting Atavism), rather than models and world. The video is not available for me.
  26. I have a few questions about the demo. I downloaded the latest version demo. I am not impressed with the demo especially the character controls. You cant even control the character without it running all over the screen. The camera is "OK" but it moves to fast. I hope if you purchase the software you can change the setting.These are some of my questions i have for people that already purchased the software or anybody that has used the software before. (1) Can you add your own 3D items such as Trees,Rocks,Main Characters, Non-Players Characters,Grass,Weapons or any other 3D items ? (2) Can you design your own Terrain and add custom textures? (3) Can you change the background of the splash screen,Main Menu,Inventory or any other bracket and add your own custom art? For example: You purchased a Main Menu on the asset store. You can change anything from the background to buttons to Fonts to splash screen. Is this software the same or is it locked and unchangeable? (4) Can you import your Unity assets? (5) What about animations and custom characters? (6) Can you add your own custom camera? (7) Can you add input and a xbox controller? Example: Not everybody wants to use a keyboard and mouse, some people want to build a game for PC,Xbox,Ps4 and requires a controller. I am building a game that has Skyrim feeling but a survival background. I do have a small video of a terrain cell i am working on within Unity, if anybody is interested. Its not much and nothing is set in stone.I found Atavism on the asset store. It looks like i could really use the software to help my project. It has a lot of everything that i can use to build my game. But i want to be able to customize everything or anything that i choose. I want to be able to add my own 3D assets and characters along with building my own terrain and add custom textures. Some stuff i will leave alone, but want the option to customize if i choose. If anybody has feedback please let me know. I would also like to see other people's videos if possible to get a better idea of what can be accomplished.
  27. Thanks Pebkac, i'll use that approach. 👍
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