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  1. Are there any tutorials on how to set up a custom character and controller? I want to replace the main character with my own character. I also want to use my own controller.
  2. I got a successful connection. But I still can't log into the world. ....i will send files to the email address...
  3. This is what I have after I put the details you gave me..... 20201203_140807.mp4
  4. This is what I have changed in the atavism windows manager.
  5. Nothing happens in character demo 20201203_135028.mp4
  6. This is the database configuration inside unity.
  7. No I haven't been able to resolve the issues yet.
  8. Also this is what I have downloaded. Atavism-Editor v10.3.0 for windows with server configuration. Atavism-Server 10.3.0 Atavism Manager 10.3.0 Atavism Unity full demo 10.3.0 I am not ready to host on a server yet.. so what do I need to install just to get started editing the software and begin building my game? I do know I need to be connected to the atavism server for license checks.
  9. I have another question. I do have atavism- editor v10.3.0 I downloaded the Atavism editor v10.3.0 for windows with server configuration. I also seen the Atavism editor v10.3.0 stand alone. I am using windows,so which version should I use? You were talking about the stand-alone version. I assume i am using the stand-alone version.
  10. Damn that is some good work on a game. I would definitely check it out when you get finished. Yeah close the video because its unfinished work...thanks for sharing.
  11. You can build a Rpg game with Atavism. I am doing it myself. Did you ever check out the free demo? Atavism has a nice inventory and skill system. You can reskin everything and make it you're own. You should watch some of the tutorials. There is alot you can do with the software. I am sure there are more games built with Atavism software. What do you have so far on your game? Do you have a videos or pictures?
  12. https://atavismonline.com/made-with-atavism
  13. So far I am making a single rpg game. Its a option to use a server. But you do need to connect to the Atavism server for license checks and updates. That's what I was told by the moderator. You can add any assets,terrains,textures,characters you want to import. You can customize everything including scripts. I have alot of assets i imported along with Atavism software. Also if you want to have it on a server as a single rpg game. You can change the server settings.
  14. I will have to check out the database connection settings. I will let you know if something happens. I will try to set up the database connection. Is there a tutorial on how to set up the database connection. I but that will solve all the issues.
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