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  1. Yup, I just wanted to make sure, that my feed back was added about the comments. Since its seems fairly scattered. Thanks for info.! Code refactoring - NOT STARTED Ya, commenting is something, I recommend even before refactoring, when folks are using/reading your code. As you know development for users takes a lot of time, so I recommended this as well, since its easy to do, and since it can be done, while, waiting for refactoring. (Remember, experience users are using ATAVISM and digging through source . So if you can do this as you are programming in gene
  2. Hi Martin, I had messaged you privately, but not sure how much you check the Unity forums. So, I was wondering if its possible, if you guys can do a better job with commenting out, some of the combat scripts atleast? in the source... I don't want to comment on much else, as I did so privately. This would help folks out, on reading such scripts in a timely manner. You have in some areas, but its pretty scattered . I would like to see this more, as you know making games, reading others coding, can be timely, and trying to make it out... can be a job of its own, most other areas,
  3. Recon


    nah I have my own server for testing, and start, its the later date that what I was concerned about, if I made something larger but I was thinking of also making something else smaller scale like Gloria Victus 1/4 scale of what that game is. , but was more of less looking for a short cut for some of the net coding aspects. I have used Photon and made our own as well in the past when I worked with my networking partners. Now I'm not working with them so I was more or less looking for, a short cut. Thanks for the suggestion. I was surprised to not see anything long term, since when m
  4. Hi, I seen you guys have a company you recommend now which is cloud base. Now cloud base hosting always has bothered me in the past and been not reliable for MMORPG. Now I will admit its been a bit since I messed with cloud base. So my question. What are users using for the typical Atavism games now. Which hard ware, and which company. I know this can depend on resources, and so forth, but you can give me a broad reply, just to give me an idea. I have ran some decent size games from my basement for years and also know of Steam games that also do. So, its something I do fo
  5. Unreal don't need that many assets or any, after 15 years of using it, I own ZERO a big fat goose egg and I use way more than Unity.. Unity I own prolly about 200..and maybe 5 are good to decent.... Unreal has most of it built in, and we have source to make our own stuff, fast...with out needing to wait for an update like we do with Unity. Also, 5% most pay less..and if you release on there store...Steam you pay 30%..... if you release on Unreal store and use the engine, you pay a total of about 13% total....this includes that %5.... Where if you release a game on Steam with Un
  6. Np. Ya I can understand that. I say that, because so many do, with Unity assets, and this can be annoying, and a huge waste of time. I know your serious. due to the time you put in. but some people have surprised me and went a different way. Which has caused problems for me and people I worked with before. so I'm always skeptical, when it comes to anything.. until I see it in action. I wish you speedy and successful release for Unreal. !
  7. hI I post as Recon in the channel a lot. I been a game developer since the 1990's I can tell you from experience, That many users would want it for Unreal, I work with many companies, investors, who refuse to use Unity anymore, due to its poor support and many assets that are not supported properly or tested in real games. Now I'm a Unity user and will always continue to do so. as I like the engine, but I do find myself using Unreal more, I have for over 15 years, Unity about 10 or so. I find Unreal to NOT need any assets or as many... this is a good thing as many things are b
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