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  1. hi baranetskiy do you have demo link ? or video?
  2. Cube


    Hi everyone i would like to ask you all, if do you like to restart the server after creating new entry in the atavism editor, armor, items, scene, and and and is just to see if people like it or not please vote what is for you good thx
  3. that work but my antivirus block a lot of pages that want open
  4. Hi Guys i have created a multi language asset for you how to: 1) import Language package that is inside the Zip file 2) copy the Lang folder inside the resources folder (they are 3 language xml inside. english, german, italian ) 3) drag the language prefabs on the login scene hierarchy 4) now you just need to give a key for every word example: go to the canvas in the login scene, choose login panel/InputField_Username and placeholder, you will found (username) change this word with account.username and add the script LangKeyUi you just need to create a key "account.username" now when you start they change in your system language if xml is there is for all plattform.. have fun! Languages.zip
  5. hi, in the past (old atavism owner) promised some function in the 2.7 but never doing my question is what about that? 1)friends (data base is there and working if i put value manualy i recive in chat friend is online/friend is offline) GUI is missing to request user friendship 2) Ignore function, is not there 3) user ban do not work anymore, user recive the ban status in db but this do not change nothing is able to comming into the game 4) chat system support multichannels with private chat messaging (open new channel in separate windows "not like whisper") 5) assetbundle creating just one scene in the build setting and change instance without to change scene (this working now but not complete) this points are very important to continue my project please i would like to know if this will be done or not, i dont talking about to do this today or tomorrow, i just need answer. Regurads Cube
  6. or you visit me on www.pianetasegreto.com erotic virtual world 3d vip for 30 days normal 20 euro you recive from me free :-P allready 200k registred user, is in italian language but in game you can switch in english :-9
  7. hi killersan thanks for your answer my project is not mmo game but i do a virtual world, yes i would like to rent people some instance, like, clubs, appartments, and and and. people rent this and pay for example 50 gold every 30 days, and build own disco club and and... reguards Cube
  8. hi killersan, i would like in my gameto rent small instance to user for create in his fantasy, what is the best way to do this?
  9. Hi @ All welcome back .
  10. hi guys we moving from discord to Slack please follow us there link below: https://join.slack.com/t/atavism/shared_invite/enQtMjU0NDQ4NDAyNjc5LTFlYzNhNGY0OTM0YjViZDQ4ZjU1ODg1MDVmMzRmYmJmNmQ3ODVmYTU0MmI0MWZhYzk5ZjgwNWJmZDc3ODNmN2U
  11. please try with this https://discord.gg/T34JjmQ
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