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  1. By default atavism uses Resource Node Group and does not spawn resource node in the scene but turns it on or off. if you using ResourceNodeGroup then atavism binds resource node to group depending on the position and only spawn group to check interaction distance for group to enable or disable resource nodes. If you are not using ResourceNodeGroup you can by default spawn object in the scene when you set gameobject param (path to model in resource folder). Check box "IgnoreServerPropObjects" is to not spawn objects with "_ign_" in the name. By default resource node and Resource Node Group have in name "_ign_" in this line you can change name in this lines you can set model to be spawned
  2. Have you set the model of the object in the spawn function? Have you unchecked ignore server prop object? if you have set the logging level on trace it is normal for the logs to grow up quickly
  3. I can see in the logs that you have set the wrong login / password to the database and the domain server could not start because the port was already busy check if the previously started processes of atavism were closed
  4. send packed logs to support@atavismonline.com
  5. I see that you run the server with administrator rights. delete as root (with sudo) the run folder in atavism_server/bin directory and delete logs folder in the atavism server/ directory then run atavism server from ubuntu user
  6. https://docs.unity3d.com/2020.1/Documentation/Manual/LogFiles.html
  7. The instructions say to upload the server to the /root/ directory. From the screen I can see that you uploaded to /
  8. Can you pack the server logs and send them to the email support@atavismonline.com
  9. You must enter the address, user and password for databases I would recommend you to use the standalone version Atavism-Editor v10.3.0 which can be downloaded from Apanel
  10. From the movies, it concludes that you have not setup the database connection settings in editor
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