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  1. I can give you a script if you need one
  2. or some people dont know how to use linux and we had to recreate the wheel to learn something entirely different without support which is usually the case when it comes to anything done in atavism.. fix.. (uninstall)
  3. one thing though if you add those in, please make it to where its a choice. The game I am creating we do not use global chat. I am against global chat in MMOs
  4. Yeah i tried to post in the past with the community what could be used in atavism and like normal., most on here wont share their deepest darkest secrets for fear that someone will make a game before them lol
  5. lol now i dont read complete posts .. see how you try to make people, or try to make others think that you are better than another person by the remarks you make. This isnt the first time you have done this., really most of the posts you reply to.. is just like this. and yet again you continue on and on. fact remains, if you cant respond directly stop answering posts with your un needed rude opinions
  6. Funny its considered trolling when I have an opinion., but when you have an opinion its okay. Call it what you want. It makes no sense to do a large open world is AGAIN your opinion. Thats NOT WHAT HE ASKED! who said anyone was being a AAA company? AGAIN! your opinion. the whole post wasnt about yours and netsuns opinion he asked a damn question and you gave an opinion! and I didnt think net was insulting him I am just going by what he done in past posts.. someone comes on here and asks a simple question and its responded with opinions or let me show you i am better than yo
  7. Thats just it net.. no one asked your opinion.. your opinions are always rude .. and not very helpful. he asked a question and like most posts.. you always reply with an opinion not a helpful answer.. ever.. now we can go all day and argue but I actually have better things to do.. since im stupid and dont know what im doing ... and i shouldnt be on here.. I recall you stating that before ... Oh im sure you dont remember but anyways.. if you cant be helpful dont respond. no one really cares about opinions. The internet is full of opinions.
  8. yer killing me with excitement lol.. its like christmas time and im the kid waiting for my presents
  9. Oh god lets not get into the discussion if you are not a genius in game developing that you should not be here. You know I cannot stand that attitude. Or get into a war, I am smarter than you and I want to let everyone know it. I didnt know anything about game development 4-5 years ago. Yes I still ask questions, and most of the time I get responses but I am what some of you fear the most. Once I find an answer, I share with everyone. Only reason I am doing this is to prove a few people that it can be done. People with attitudes that told me I was stupid and you cant build a working mmo unles
  10. I think Aizen was working with this at one time, there were a few bugs but I am almost sure he had showed a screen shot of him flying on a bee
  11. anyone know of any good VPS for hosting atavism?
  12. you are making me stand on edge like xmas morning i see lol
  13. Wheres this big announcement we were suppose to get?!
  14. I will create a video this weekend and put in tutorials. This can be used in several different ways not just campfires of course.. If a developer wanted players to have pocket forges or something.. it would come in handy
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