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  1. OK My bad, on my second NPC prefab, Mob Name and Mob appearance was missing. So that was my fault. Thank you Now I understand and set quest mark apparence on my convienance. Thank you!
  2. Hi Martin, I create my own sprite with my custom quest mark, then created a sprite atlas and set it to the AtavismSetting and now it is working almost perfectly. If the NPC Quest-Giver and the NPC Quest-ender are 2 different NPC but from the same NPC Template, The Mark appear but if the NPC Quest-Giver and the NPC Quest-ender are from 2 different NPC Template, the mark doesnt showup but I can click on the NPC to end the quest with the dialog. Any clue?
  3. I understand that but when the quest-ender NPC is not the same NPC that the quest-Starter, the progression/completion mark doesn't show up at all.
  4. Hi, I'm currently learning all the basic from the framework before beginning the integration of the gameobjects/quest/story/instances and I set a fresh new world with just little object for learning. I set a quest from one NPC where the player should find another npc. I took a look into the code and I found that the Floating Quest Mark are coming from the Atavism Setting script for the layout setting. If the quest-giver is not the quest-ender, the Quest available mark appear but the quest in progress mark or the quest concludable mark doesn't show up. Also the UI Te
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