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  1. Hello and welcome. Maintenance is only for updates. Atavism is available as a subscription, something like Netflix, where if you have an active subscription you can use it, and in such case, it doesn't have maintenance at all, you will always have access to the newest version or the second option is the permanent license which has 180 days of free updates included, and you can use your license infinitely, updates are paid and optional, which means you can purchase additional maintenance if you want but you don't have to. Atavism can be installed anywhere using any method of your choice: - using the simplest windows manager option, best for local development - https://wiki.atavismonline.com/project/atavism-windows-manager/ - using our premade virtual machine (centos or Ubuntu) - https://wiki.atavismonline.com/project/atavism-virtual-machine/ - using Custom Linux installation, for most advanced users, but also handled by newcomers - https://wiki.atavismonline.com/project/installation/ - using cloud solution like Google Clout - https://wiki.atavismonline.com/project/hosting-google-cloud/ or Netcup https://wiki.atavismonline.com/project/hosting-netcup/ - using Atavism Cloud Service that was introduced lately, and it's the simplest installation method https://wiki.atavismonline.com/project/hosting-atavism-cloud/ And here is information about how to setup your unity project - https://wiki.atavismonline.com/project/atavism-client-unity-installation/
  2. Installation documentation and tutorials can be found on our wiki https://wiki.atavismonline.com and here you can find information on how to install Atavism on VM https://wiki.atavismonline.com/project/atavism-virtual-machine/ but please keep in mind that Atavism 2.7 was released over 2.5 years ago and since then the procedure was changed a bit, as we introduced 6 major and a few minor releases. This information can also be found on the wiki in the Releases section. I recommend you update your version, as the old one supported only Unity 5.6 and 2017.1 but of course it's your decision.
  3. So, there are a few things. First is that you are using Atavism with example data, while on the client you are using core, this can cause some issues on the client-side, as the server will send items, mobs, etc. to your client, but your client won't have models, textures, icons, prefabs. The second issue is that you have License Verification Failed. This can occur in two cases: when you set incorrect mail/license key pair in the Atavism Windows Manager, or when your Atavism server doesn't have access to the internet. I'm assuming that the second one is not an option as your PC most probably has such access, so please check your credentials. Based on your Atavism Windows Manager screenshot I was able to check your credentials, and it seems that you have a typo in the mail. Also, please check what java version are you using by typing java -version in the bash console, after you will start authentication server.
  4. Red means that the service detected that something is running on these ports, which is fine as you already started the server. From your screen it seems that the server is running properly and you should be able to connect to the server.
  5. All information you can find on our wiki https://wiki.atavismonline.com or here is a link on how to start https://wiki.atavismonline.com/project/how-to-start-with-atavism/
  6. We are not using Xsolla Launcher, so it will be hard to help with this element, but I think you can use Atavism external authenticator https://wiki.atavismonline.com/project/remote-php-account-connector/
  7. Hi. of course, here is the link how to start with Atavism https://wiki.atavismonline.com/project/how-to-start-with-atavism/ There is information on how to install a server in various environments, choose whichever suits you best, and how to install a unity client. For the server I recommend you use Atavism Windows Manager if you are on Windows, as it's the easiest to handle, or if you want to make your server public, then you can use our new Atavism Cloud Service. All installation methods are described on the wiki (https://wiki.atavismonline.com).
  8. Hi. Atavism doesn't have a launcher, but you can use any of your choice, as in most cases it's only about file synchronization and of course providing some news about your game. Not sure if I understand the second part. You can define admins in your game, and they have special privileges described here https://wiki.atavismonline.com/project/playing-your-game/
  9. I believe this was resolved by @Helix who handles North Networking Infrastructure, right?
  10. Yes, realtime discord would be better, but have you filled your Atavism Editor Database fields properly?
  11. It's just a custom UI. You can check what other Atavism users did, for example, such spellbook. https://gyazo.com/f02148a46b9d14a3cdf3a59ecb01eafe You can modify UI as you want.
  12. This is the reason we are providing support using various channels like realtime discord server, forum, and mail. This gives our community choice whatever they prefer to contact us, and we are here for them Also, for example, we have features requests on the forum, and discord as a wishlist but we prefer forum as we can easier follow them, and also mark the ones that were already done. https://forum.atavismonline.com/forum/23-new-features-and-improvements-requests/
  13. It's mostly because 99% of the support is handled using the discord server https://discord.gg/z95htJA 0.5% using mail, and 0.5% using the forum. This is the reason why there is a bit less activity on the forum. At this point, we have over 5000 clients.
  14. Of course, for development definitely, in the end you will want to have Linux machine without GUI, to eliminate all possible overhead that windows has.
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