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  1. Thank you for your opinion. If we will decide to start development Atavism for UE4, we will for 100% do it by building a separate team. We will keep the progress which we are making In Unity area. This is already possible. I mean you can implement any model to your game based on Atavism, without coding. Here is how to implement new character model https://wiki.atavismonline.com/project/character-model-race-and-class/ or how to integrate your existing scene (environment) with Atavism https://wiki.atavismonline.com/project/integration-into-existing-scene/ and there are much more tutorials on the wiki related to different aspects of the Atavism.
  2. It's too early to decide about that, right now we want to get feedback from you about this project.
  3. Keep in mind that it's in addition, it's not like from now on Atavism will be only on Unreal. We are trying to get your feedback, and your opinion. Team which is working on Atavism for Unity will remain within that project, updates won't change, so this is not like "no, because quality of service will drop", but it will be a totally separate team which would work on this project, separate support, etc. as it would be partially a separate project, so why not have an option to make another game on Unreal?
  4. We are asking here, because some developer are with Unity because Atavism is only for Unity, so basically we would like to know your opinion. We love Unity too, and as you said, it sucks in large scale without modifications, even the simplest elements are not working correctly like character controller, streaming objects (no streaming at all), handling big number of objects requires additional packages, etc. etc. Unity within 2-3 years will catch most of these missing elements probbaly.
  5. Yes, these are solid arguments Aizen, but Unreal Marketplace has right now over 8k packages compared to 50k on the Unity Asset Store, and if you will consider it that some of the Unity packages are already included in the Unreal like streaming, proper foliate handling, etc. then this doesn't look that bad. As for the team split, it won't gonna happened, as we stated it will be a dedicated team for that project (if we will decide to make it). 5% is not so much, depending on your title, team, and progress, you should keep in mind, that bigger income will cause you to jump into the higher Unity license, as you won't be able to use Unity free, which will also cost you $35 for the cheapest license, and $125 per month for a higher one, which will let you generate more income as the cheapest license is limited to $200k annual revenue or funds raised. So, in situation when you will generate revenue like 250k annually, and you will have let's say 20 team members working on your game, you will have to have 10 x $125 per month which is $1250 monthly, and $15k yearly, while in the same situation in Unreal you will have to pay 5%, which is $12,5k, so in this case unreal is cheaper with the royalty. The benefit would be if you would work with a smaller team and generate more income. To resume, there are always pros and cons, so it's not so easy to decide that this or that will be cheaper or better, it's more than that, and it depends on the individual use case.
  6. We would like to hear from you about Atavism for Unreal Engine. We are considering creating a dedicated team which would be responsible for this task.
  7. We are using Nature Manufacture assets: https://assetstore.unity.com/publishers/6887 along with Procedural Worlds: https://assetstore.unity.com/publishers/15277. One thing I need to mention, models provided by Nature Manufacture have watermarked textures, like in the video you saw, maybe it wasn't too obvious, so I wanted to let you know about it. If you would like to use UMA: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/characters/uma-2-unity-multipurpose-avatar-35611 There are some assets which we can recommend, some are ours: https://www.atavismonline.com/home/uma and some from our partner https://assetstore.unity.com/publishers/5619 Even more, with the newest Atavism version we added Orc race for UMA, and one armor.
  8. What you are seeing is 1:1 package which you are getting with Atavism, except the dragon.
  9. Hi, which video trailer you have in mind? We have many trailers, and many tutorials.
  10. Hi Adrianna, Of course, you can use your own character models, and your map, you can check one of our tutorials: https://wiki.atavismonline.com/project/character-model-race-and-class/ If you have a single player RPG in mind, then it's not perfect for such use with the present licensing model, where you can start one server per license. It's designed to make an MMO.
  11. Missing config parameters means that you are using the new Atavism Manager with older Atavism server like 2018.3- as this parameter was added in Atavism 2018.3.1 Is it possible that you installed incorrect Atavism server version? As for the incorrect host, if the Atavism Manager is on the same host (same PC) as your Unity, then in the Atavism Editor you can use your PC IP address (this will go through your firewall, so it can be blocked) or localhost (this won't be passed through the firewall, so it's a safer way in this case) with credentials username: atavism password: atavism You can join us on the discord, to get support more in real-time. We can also assist you through Teamviewer.
  12. Hello, there is one link which should "rule them all" https://wiki.atavismonline.com/project/how-to-start-with-atavism/ There you will find the information you are looking for, like how to register your license if necessary (if you get it from the Unity Asset Store) or which packages you should download, how to install Atavism server and client, and more. Let me know if you will still have any further questions after reading this material.
  13. There are no clear specifications for the server, because you may have 100 000 of mobs, even more, you can have 100 000 mobs fighting each other, and without single player it will consume lots of CPU, and memory, so it really depends on the use case, but basically minimum parameter is like 1GB of ram and 1 CPU core, recommended for startup 2GB of ram and 2 CPU cores. If you have 100 CCU license then your limit for testers is 100 CCU your hardware should easily handle this.
  14. You probably have the highest Ultra version. We can process downgrade your license, more information about it you can find in our FAQ https://www.atavismonline.com/store/f-a-q in the "What if I would like to downgrade my license?" section. In short, we can split your license into two smaller ones, and your maintenance would be for the smallest 11$ per month, or 63$ for 180 days, which would be sufficient to get the newest Atavism version. You can decide which one of the two options is more suitable for you.
  15. Yes, of course, you can use any terrain generators, models, etc. as they are only content related, Atavism will work with them. Actually within our Atavism Live Demo, and within the package, you will get demo scene where there are Nature Manufacture trees, rocks, etc. textures are watermarked by Nature Manufacture, but you will get an idea how easily it is to build your world/game
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