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Found 12 results

  1. I purchased and setup an Atavism Cloud Server and am trying to test out the Demo. When I go to register I get "Unable to connect to Authentication Server." I have made sure the server is running in the Atavism Stand Alone Editor. I would assume the ports are open on the server side when using the Atavism Cloud Server. Do all clients need to change their firewall settings to connect? I have set the IP address in the Unity Editor for the Login Page to the IP address provided for my Atavism Cloud Server. Thank you for your help.
  2. Hello, so after I login and go into the character creation screen, I pick my character (orc) I press the Enter button .. then it sends me back to the login screen, any ideas why ? .. here is the console debug
  3. When using the revive effect, no matter what I set the "% Given" values to, the player is always healed to full health and mana.
  4. Hey I'm having issues whenever I ran the demo. I don't have much information but I have attached the crash logs below. Thank You Crash logs.zip
  5. Good day! I have a problem! I downloaded the demo, registered on the forum, connected, created an account on the "create" button and it throws it back into the authorization panel. Tried 5 times. Everything fails. Can't test at all, HELP......
  6. https://unity.wiki.atavismonline.com/project/atavism-virtual-machine/ The Server and the ubuntu all the latest version from Apanel. atavism_server_10.5.0_20211023_1955.zip AtavismUbuntuV11.ova the ubuntu's current user is root and I've changed all permissions of the files in Atavism_server to 777. So how can I get to the next step: Open the http://x.x.x.x/atavism/installation/install.php Thanks!
  7. I am having an issue with the Atavism Manager. I have the windows standalone server install and everything is working perfect. I can login to the game and test it and the Window manager is working and says everything is connected. I just cant get the small icons to turn green. Is there something i need to do? They just keep flashing at me. Also second question: When I add new skills and abilities via the Standalone Editor and then launch the game in the Unity editor I cant see the added items until I completely restart the auth/world/database server. Is there a faster way ?
  8. i only see: Server Integration I don't see all the other ones: mob, item etc.
  9. Heya, hope you all are doing good! I have three questions. The first being, how can I get a threat function? As I were sitting there working on a class and just minding my own, I realised that how am I going to hold aggro on mobs and so on. Is it something that is all ready built in that I can work with or is it something I have to create myself? And the second question being, how can I make specific resource bars show on specific classes? Like if I would make a rogue for example and want energy instead of mana. I can create the resource itself but I don't really know how to make the specific resource show on the screen as it will show both mana and energy. And lastly a simple thing, changing the color on item titles for like epic, legendary gear etc. I found a file named "UIItemQuality" which contains hex colors for the different rarities but changing them changes nothing that I can see. Thanks in advance
  10. Hi, I'm currently learning all the basic from the framework before beginning the integration of the gameobjects/quest/story/instances and I set a fresh new world with just little object for learning. I set a quest from one NPC where the player should find another npc. I took a look into the code and I found that the Floating Quest Mark are coming from the Atavism Setting script for the layout setting. If the quest-giver is not the quest-ender, the Quest available mark appear but the quest in progress mark or the quest concludable mark doesn't show up. Also the UI Textbox for the mark doesn't face the camera, probably because he is not update in the lateupdate. I'm not sure from where come the problem but I have this fix before going too far in the game development process. Also it could be prefarable to have the option between String caracter or different sprite base on quest status.
  11. Originally I purchased this because of the Youtube fly through video. It seemed to have all the core that I needed as a solo enthusiast. When I upgraded to 10.1.0 there's no longer a "flying mount" namely the Black Dragon Whistle. Is there some way to import / re create this? Or am I missing something completely obvious with the flying? Any help would be appreciated and a direction as to how I may or may not accomplish this last feat - to complete the starting stages and move on to building. Thank you in advance!
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