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  1. So I remember some of the software that I am using now, and me being that type of guy that chases a bone... and decided that I'd look to see if I had any assets on my NAS drive from the old versions. Look at what I found... I remember purchasing this and using it years ago. The differences are well, monumental. What I will say for anyone that reads this buy it. It's that simple. These developers have thought of just about everything. If you have to add something the code isn't very hard to follow. Imagine you make a giant salad with no dressing. (Salad being the software) and you want to ad
  2. So far it's so much more than what I expected, I have watched many of the video's that are out there. (almost like TV marathon) It contains a lot of information on how everything works. It's fairly simple to figure out as far as what you want to do. There isn't much that's not covered. The underwater was a hard one to find (If you remember Serpent Shrine Caverns..) Swimming and underwater will be a must have ( I did find it ) as playable races I've managed to get implemented into Atavism; Angels - Demons - Elves - Dwarves - Minotaur - Centaur - Fairy - Barbarian - Orc (not the UMA)
  3. When Making new instances, it seems there are a few important steps not mentioned in the tutorial. Here's a few things that might help those that are trying to figure this out. BEFORE YOU START BUILDING A NEW INSTANCE - Creating an Empty scene and building it will not work out of the box. You must include the "Canvas Objects" From the "BlankAtavismScene"!! Go to Assets > Dragonsan > Scenes > and locate "BlankAtavismScene" Press "Ctrl-D" to Duplicate the Scene. Rename the Scene (be SPECIFIC) Add the scene you just created to the "Build Scenes" "Fil
  4. New Anim on Challenger - Idle Mount, Mount and Dismount. Dragon mount is working correctly ( for some reason it's still applying gravity - Fly up.. float down LOL) SO I have to say thank you again for all your effort. Super appreciated! Just an FYi, in the game As it's being built I'll name an NPC after you 😃 "Killersan The Guild-master" Something like that .
  5. I have nothing I need to transfer from any old versions. After the server is up and running - Then I will modify edit and build Let's start fresh 😃
  6. I just want to get the server up and running. I'd prefer to use the "Atavism Manager". It's a stand alone and much easier for me to just plug and play - start and stop when needed.
  7. So this I think is going to be a little frustrating. Downloaded WinSCP and started following the video tutorial. I can get to the user log in part about logging into the server (Here in the video he explains if you didn't change the password - I did not) and I keep connecting with user (root) pass (atavism) and access is denied. So there's that.. I tried the password from Apanel>AtavismClould>Server> user / pass Denied access again. I've attached a Screen shot. New_Bitmap_Image_(2).bmp
  8. Team view would not be a bad idea, As far as the idea of using Atavism Manager VS North Networking - is indifferent to me. Again forgive the naivety here but there's a lot to take in when reading over the install process and the video's for each version. Somewhere along the line there's a set of video's that all explain to use Atavism Manager to launch the Server. Then in other videos for North networking it shows you signing up to have a Cloud based service. (Networking isn't my strong suit here) So I assumed you needed to have the North Networking for the database access over the ne
  9. I will go through and follow the steps to see if I can manage to get all of this updated correctly. Also before I begin and for clarification i need to repeat this 5 times. Upgrade #1 Atavism Server 2018.3.0 To Atavism Server 2019.1.1 Upgrade #2 Atavism Server 2019.1.0 To Atavism Server 2019.1.1 Upgrade #3 Atavism Server 2019.1.1 To Atavism Server 2019.1.2 Upgrade #4 Atavism Server 2019.1.2 To Atavism X(10.0.0) Server Upgrade #5 Atavism X(10.0.0) Server To Atavism X(10.1.0) Server Or is the alternative to just upgrade from
  10. I figured that's what it means. I uninstalled Atavism Manager, uninstalled unity, and all the server related objects. (removed the assets that were downloaded to create a completely fresh install) Logged into North Networking and purchased a new server / 11.94 a month set up new IP / Host name I downloaded Unity 2018.4.1f again - installed fresh Downloaded Atavism Manager - installed fresh - Updated Email > Key > IP > Host name (Apanel - New Server info used) Downloaded 2019.1 Server from Apanel - installed fresh (here's where the issue is) Tried to load it into
  11. Now I am getting this on server start up... lol ORuntimeException: database error: java.sql.SQLException: Table 'atavism.namespaces' doesn't exist at atavism.server.engine.Database.encacheNamespaceMapping(Database.java:301) at atavism.server.engine.Namespace.encacheNamespaceMapping(Namespace.java:161) at atavism.server.engine.Engine.main(Engine.java:361) Exception in thread "main" atavism.server.util.AORuntimeException: database error: java.sql.SQLException: Table 'atavism.namespaces' doesn't exist at atavism.server.engine.Database.encacheNames
  12. So the answer to updating the Database is to download and install each version from 2018.3.1 to 2018.4, to 2018.7 to 2019.1, to etc etc? (This is the most important information at this point that I need answered.) Do I have to update the database from 2018.3.1 all the way to 10.1.0 Atavism X database? If so what is the link that shows how to specifically update each database VIA Atavism Manager? - Is it possible to log into MySql and wipe the database? I have dealt with the MySQL and Cpanel enough to get around - but i'm not sure with the integration between Atavism Manager and M
  13. I wonder if this might be a part of the issue... in addition to the model not being atavism ready. New_Bitmap_Image.bmp
  14. I think that I have figured out where the issue is. - That I'm using older models ( stored on my raid as exported assets) Not the Atavism Game ready versions. Does that mean we can only use the assets designed to work with Atavism?
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