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Requested Features : Part Duo


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Hello All


1 = As previously mentioned, I was looking at using a collider trigger to do music & lighting effects based on the area the player has just walked into. Once again I've hit a nice roadblock that I'd love to see adressed.


Currently if i walk from zone A -> B and there is some lighting changes i am doing this chop in chop out, but as we discovered when we try to transition between two zones by fading between the two its a lot harder, and since this would affect the day / night system I was wondering whether anyone has some clever work arounds or whether there is some feature that I might be looking toward.


2 = Quests triggered by an event such as entering a portal, by trigger plate (already previously discussed in support forum) or by calendar schedule such as holidays etc. << see wow


3 = Guild system have the ability to have its own NPC quest trees tied into guild points somehow (yes even we are still working that one out)


4 = Translucent GUI can be clicked through, even in the atavism demo if I have the inventory open, sometimes you can click right through to objects underneath. A more separated GUI overlay layer maybe neccessary ?


5 = We added a loading screen to try deal to the terrain loading in the background & objects being populated from the server before the player can move, would be nice to have a 'objects loaded' client event so I can load and unload the loading screen once its done on enter world


6 = Currently we have Login => Character Scene => World. I managed to get it so my music doesn't restart when switching from scene to scene but I also noticed that if I have sound effects just playing as the scene changes it gets stuck in the 'loop' mode during the scene swap, again this might just be number 5 again where i can just call objects loaded event and then stop all sounds.


7 = Current inventory is one bag. Can I have bag slots based on the bag type? I tried to figure this one out; I'm pretty sure its hard coded but I just haven't had time to worry about ongui stuff since it was said we could swap it out for ngui and then everytime I tried it either didn't work or the ngui version wasn't updated yet ... << sad life


8 = The terrible twos - UMA vs FBX vs landscape blending, I tried this out and the whole system just went spastic, when a player moved it kept switching between blended and non-blended, when I update health etc the UI flashes ... something i did wrong or another alpha feature ? WHAT I MEAN : I'm blending the edges of the models with the landscape based on the LAYER.


9 = Objects need to be faded in when spawning, I assumed eventually this might be done but just in case where exactly does one find the entry for spawned items, mobs is obviously in the mob/character controller.

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Hi droptopgames.


Thanks for these. I'm going to be a pain though and say some of them are unity only requests (nothing to do with the atavism), but for the ones that do relate directly to atavism:


2) I agree and have plans for better quest system, but it will be further down the line.


3) Guilds to be looked into at a later date


4) We are looking at implementing uGUI instead of standard UI at some point which will result in much better ui interaction.


5) I'll see what I can do for this one. Would be of some use that's for sure.


7) The current system allows for the creation of bags of different slot counts, but it uses the stacvk limit property instead (I should add code to rename it when item type = bag in the editor). Is this what you need, or can you elaborate?

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Hi Sooms


Some things to note ...


1 = needs to know when the navmesh has transitioned from one terrain / navmesh to another

5 = need a hook from the server end to say that its completed sending all node/aoi details

6 = the world MUST be named MainWorld for atavism << still being a pain, I can't load a different scene first, so if the player is on the other scene it insists the player START on MainWorld. I have MainWorld, Zone2 as my two scenes added in build view.

7 = yeah, I think there is come confusion in the language used on atavism because I can see that theres a bag layout and slots, but it doesn't allow me to identify which bag an item goes to or which slot type (meaning if the bag can only handle leather etc). Also, if you set a stack and then rename the item it resets to 1.

8 = This is more of a niggle that I can't iron out, if anyone has any ideas how I work around the character moving causes it to RESET to unblended when it gets a server update.

9 = I don't know where in the code the SPAWN events occur. I basically need this for both spawning items and for mobs / players.


I also wanted to revisit/remind you of the server broadcast messages etc. for server shutdown / restart (we had this conversation at the start and I keep forgetting to remind you guys.

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Re 6 ... you can start with another scene, i've moved my login a few times. Actually, I don't have a Main_World scene at all anymore.


Its been a while so I can't rem exactly how I did it, but i think:

- Just add the new scene to the scenes plugin, and mark it as create at startup (or whatever the option is)

- Set spawn point (use object or enter co-ords in scene plugin.

- Re-arrange scenes in Build Settings view


I think that was it, but i fiddled quite a bit so hope I didn't change something else I'm missing!


EDIT: Think I remeber having to change something on the character setup plugin too - like starting scene. Sorry, can't check atm.


Note that characters spawn on the scene they were last in. so use the change instance command to goto a new scene ... new chars should start at the new scene you setup.


EDIT : Theres a "atavism_demo" in the db ... it would be nice to change that - not tried yet though, so it may be straightforward. In fact a setup script would be nice ... to create a shiny new world using our own name etc that sets up everything needed. As well as a 'clearout' script - that deletes everything that can be safely deleted - in dev one typically does this once in a while (not for production! ).

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As mwituni mentioned, you can change the main scene a player spawns in to when created - it's done in the Character Setup Plugin. You can totally do away with the MainWorld if wanted.


With number 7, you're correct that there currently isn't a way to specify an item type restriction for bags. No current plans to implement it, but we would get around to it one day.


I'll have to get back to you later on the rest.

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  • 2 months later...

1) Reputation Table & Currency Table for Mobs


2) Tools : should be a separate section like Weapons as it has a lot of sub categories that could be expanded upon. We ourselves have already hit issues with defining items which are part of an ability to a skill.


3) Crafted Recipes : Allow Dyes & Allow Essences with no specific areas to define what is allowed, maybe have 3 "rows" of drop items and then have a separate section which will allow color dyes etc which customize the item given out


eg. Item Plain White Shirt


Enhancement.....Output Item

Red Dye.........Red Shirt

Blue Dye........Blue Shirt

Ruby Gem........Ruby Buttoned Shirt


4) NPC currently has the ability to display a single currency for an item, so for more complex systems if I wanted to offer arena points (currency) as double the value of valor/honor points (currency)

An over-complication of a fairly working simple system but its a thought ;P


5) Mailbox hook to show when mail has arrived graphically (to demonstrate how to pop an icon up to show the client has mail), I realize I can program my own but it kinda seems like the sort of thing that should serve as a good example plugin that shows how to send receive messages etc.

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