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AtVoxel Terrain Release


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No the housing system wont require the voxel system.



best news i've heard all day. thank yah :)


mainly ....... voxels dis interest me for reasons of in game grief


players digging holes under each others houses to raid.... players making voxel dongs and boobs... and other horrible voxel things people don't want to see in game.

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the building system was actually the main selling point for me for atavism when i was watching the youtube vids prior to buying.


check this out, here's my project in early stages...... when it was a medieval themed game still, hehe. but, i was working on a building system of my own (placing objects through using PhotonNetwork.Instantiate() )



i did get pretty far with it, but never really got it to save the objects on a database. so the objects would stay in scene only as long as the player that built them was online.


but yeah, the idea was almost exactly the same as atavism's housing system.

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