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voip (uSpeak)


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We also checked uSpeak/mumble/etc.


But after all we decided not to integrate an voip into the game. Reasons:


- Web Traffic

- Privacy

- Useability

- Clans/guilds will stay on private teamspeak (etc.) Servers because they can manage them their self and get a better control.


What we plan is a feature to join a teamspeak Server and change channels without leaving the game..

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icky teamspeak.........



the voip i'm wanting to add in game ( which i will work on once i purchase the $340 license, gotta have it in my project) will be a proximity based voip like second life, dayz, rust, etc....... where you can only hear the person talking in proximity of that person.


voip works like a 3d sound attached to the character themselves that way...... so if you're standing far away from that person, you do not hear them at all.


it's definitely essential to my gameplay mechanics, players need to be able to communicate with each other besides txt chat (which i'm also going to work on converting to proximity based only chat) so, same concept, if you're not close to the character typing in chat, you will not be able to read his / her chat.



teamspeak should be independent from the main game's voice capabilities. not everyone uses, or likes teamspeak.

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because I have uSpeak already working through photon already........ it may even be able to integrate uSpeak into atavism using photon as the front end for that, so it in no way uses the server bandwidth or resources. and all the voip data is still handled directly through the photon cloud, or photon server.

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That should be possible.. But remember, that you will need as many MAU/CCU as you got users in your online game later. As long as the game stays small that should be fine and only cost you about 9 to 40$ a month (100 CCU - 500 CCU).


I can't tell you whether using the same Server as the Game server (for small Multiplayer Online Game - not really mmo^^) or using a third party provider like Photon Cloud is better for you. That's something you'll need to check out yourself, according to estimated numbers of players, resources and so on.



Well.. Yes, not everyone uses Team Speak and clearly Clans/Guilds won't need to install it to play the game. See it as a special feature so that players don't need to alt+tab. Of course that could also be done with different voip Softwares, but Teamspeak is (at least in europe) clearly the most used voip Software.

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def thank you for the reply :)



I'd say, as until the project gets large ( which it will, i'm hoping on getting this project submitted to steam for early access in two / 3 months is the goal) I could get away with using the voice server on the same machine, but will definitely eventually need to get some actual server hardware.


i think i can get around the low ccu without paying an arm and a leg by running the photon server on my machine.... but, then i'm running two servers, and might as well just integrate it all into one.


gives me food for thought i suppose, thanks!

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