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Weapon Slots


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I am not sure how much work it would be but would it be possible to have the option for weapons to be equipped in main or offhand instead of one or the other?


Then we wouldn't have to have a second set of offhand only weapons for dual wielding, which really seems silly.

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The only way i see this happening is if the char have animations for it..

as for main and offhand, thats same as right or left hand..

Dual wielding again if char has animations for holding something with 2 hands.


I'm sure if u make your own chars, you would do your own animations for weapons..


I'm not sure on the pre-build char system on what they have.

maybe an Alpha tester could answer this.

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only thing that needs to change right now is if you want the same weapon to be able to be equipped in both hands, if you for instance just want a specific sword to be equipped in only say off-hand you can do that now by setting its slot to offhand

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