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[Update] Launcher Updater Alpha 0.3 (Windows)


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some screen






Make Zip and Xml:




How To:


For WebServer:

-htdocs folder

edit update.xml:



VersionID= Your Version ID not use ".""-""_"... only number

Link= Direct Link to your file.zip


In Launcher folder:




WebLink = Link to your website (html...)

XmlLink = Your Update.xml Link







its your current version of game.


how it work:

the launcher check you version in latest.txt and add +1 and see on your update.xml if it exist.

exemple here: me version is "999": 999+1=1000 check if version "1000" exist on update.xml.

if yes (as here) it will download the update.


and after same work 1000+1 = 1001 : update

1001+1 = 1002 not exist = up to date.


news 0.3


correct some bug: TimeLeft


add: Speed download (kb/s, mb/s)


add : executable name for execute your game. (in LauncherSettings.xml)


download link: alpha 0.3


Make a don : Make a don (thank you)

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So testing this out if you have it on the same server as the websitebase launcher does not load the html folder not a big problem i just switch it to another sub-domain. Big problem tho download a big patch crashes the launcher i was testing it out with client files uploaded it as a zip files about 3.4gb start the launcher starts downloading the update after about 2min launcher crashes.






Edit: so according to debugger has an Undandled .Net Framework expception which is causing the crash.

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you can use the same server as my website need to put in App->webroot->(your update folder)


and you can access www.yourdomaine.com/app/webroot/(your update folder/)


i think now update with big file work now.


Add button on form:




new update (alpha v0.2) : download

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I just downloaded this and started setting it up, this is an awesome program! I was wondering though if there is a way to launch the game when hitting the launch button in the launcher? Whenever I click the button it says "launch your game". Would there also be a way to edit the buttons in case you don't want to show the database for example?

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