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Cube Voxel Engine and Plugin


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I've been working on a Cube based Voxel Engine... Got "Infinite" (Limited only by Hard Drive space and the Physics Engine) Terrain being generated in 16x16x16 chunks. in the Y direction it creates 8 chunks from -4 to 4 currently. Got a Visual Node based Editor working for creating Terrain Generators. It takes full advantage of LibNoise and I've created some custom Generators for Heightmap support though it's still a work in progress. The Entire Engine is multithreaded taking advantage of a Thread Pool.


Would anyone be interested in me releasing the Voxel Engine as well as a Atavism Plugin in order to interact with the Voxel Engine over the network (Out side of the Claim System if at all possible)?






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+1 to see this for atavism.


im interesting if you are maybe also avialable for an custom job to integrate TerrainEngine into Atavism.

i will buy the TerrainEngine end of this month. The performance and all is very very nice. Playing with an test version from the dev at the moment.

To also see this engine working with atavism would be a huge boost to atavism. (Maybe also work in claims to flatten the terrain and so on)

Since it is now also possible to buy the simple closed source version for normal use for 199 Dollars.

before all that it was only open source for around 10.000 Bucks.

I would pay the integration or you could sell an plugin to sync the terrain and so on they have a full api and also an Multiplayer plugin server for 25Dollars to see how all can be handled.



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I have the Developer of Terrain Engine on Skype. I was actually looking at TerrainEngine for Greed Monger several years ago but the price tag then was WAY out of our range so we got on board with AtVoxel at that time... When I get a chance I can try to contact him and see what would be involved with getting TerrainEngine integrated into Atavism.

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VoxelFarm is kind of hard to integrate since its normally an voxel world creator only most of the things. And for the price you have not so much features with the lowest one.

Thats why i was always looking for Terrain Engine and now baam an price which is buyable.


I was always crying with the 10.000 bucks before for the only source code edition :D

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VoxelFarm is a complete Voxel Engine. Not just a voxel World Creator... It comes with Voxel Physics and everything. Only thing it was lacking last I knew though they may have added in before the deal with EQ:Next fell through was Voxel Water physics. It has a really cool scripting language for creating buildings and stuff.


We actually licensed it... Come to find out though it was only for Unity 5 and at the time Atavism hadn't been upgraded to Unity 5 yet and it was PC only so we ended up getting a refund for it.

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Do you prefer VoxelFarm then or TerraiEngine ?

Terrain Engine is for me a really massive thing.


Maybe you could contact the dev and write with him a bit.


Would be really nice to be able to use it with atavism. It would bring him also a lot of sales i think.



Of course i like to buy it. But then i need to be able to use it. Bought so much stuff and could never use it^^


i think i had you also on skype my skype name to add is: eliteultra if you like to talk about something with TerrainEngine or other things.

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