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Up and running. Thanks everyone that offered help.


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I logged in and created a character and played around. It was very cool and I am excited to see what I can do with it. I found Atavism on the Unity asset store. I read some forums and reviews. The forums had some complainers mostly about how long it was taking for features to be implemented. The reviews generally said it took some work to get it installed but none of these things discouraged me. I discovered Unity about 3 months ago and created my own client DLL as a plugin and created my own TCP host which existed outside Unity. I created an editor for placing mobs in zones with spawn chances and collections of waypoints for pathing. I created my own features such as login, character creation and character menu, combat, spell casting, grouping, chat, inventory, shops, items etc. I was doing my own synchronization. I was putting a ton of effort into it. In addition on the client side I had to handle everything between the host and client. What I really wanted to do was be able to focus more on actually creating a game and as much as I enjoy programming I really wanted to spend less time coming up with a home grown game engine. I'd seen a couple of other game engines that used the Unity Network Engine and I wasn't thrilled with them because the entire world has to exist in one scene so when I found Atavism I was extremely interested because it does mostly everything I want it to do and more in some ways. So now I can play around with trying to make a game. My game is just a hobby. I don't intend to ever go public with it. It's just something for me to work on and enjoy. I saw some references to AGIS which I assume is the java and python code that makes up the engine. I think I saw somewhere that there's a license for $95 that would let me make modifications which I imagine I'll want to do at some point. Anyway that's where I'm at. I am going to start watching tutorials and poking around so I can figure out how to get things done.

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Thanks Neojac,


It works, I used it to go to the account management site and it listed my license.


When I tried to go to the Neojac store I had no login for that site. I wanted to purchase the Atavism 2 AGIS code license. I tried going to it from two locations: 1. The unity Editor and 2. The Account management site.

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