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[Feature Suggestion] - Beta keys


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Greetings everyone, I've been looking around to see if anyone's already made a topic regarding this feature, but I can't seem to find anyone who has said it already so I'll make this post.


I think it would be pretty cool if we can somehow generate registration keys in the atavism editor window where we already have buttons of all other kinds of things that makes it very user friendly for new comers.

For example if you want to do beta invites during the development of your game, you can hand out beta key for when a player registers, they need a key to register.


here's a script idea that maybe could work for key generation



there's some C# examples of generating keys, I suppose that these generated keys need to be added to the MySQL database and then you can hand out keys that can be used once upon registering


just need to make an input field in the UI in the login screen under registration

then it should check & match key up against database and once it has a match account creation is accepted and then the key that's used is tied to the account that's created, that also means if anyone leaks beta client their account could be banned, and that means beta can perhaps remain more private.

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