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We will also be making an announcement on the future of Atavism that weekend and how we plan to make sure all of our users have the best shot at succeeding using the Atavism platform.


Let me start off with nothing against sooms, I know you have had issues and feel for you man, and I know you have tried but its a huge under taking for one coder so you have always had my respect for what you have gotten done.


Having said that,


Now were are stuck with a virtually unusable software with most of the features in but not finished let alone working correctly, no support other than other users, no plan to actually finish what we paid for let alone the common sense progression of bringing on another programmer or two to finish.


I bought into this thing at the very beginning with high hopes an MANY promises, now its looking like just this side of vaporware as its not even close to being finished let alone any announced plan to do so. So it was a total waste of money let alone years of broken promises and time wasted.


Sorry but I expect things I pay for to work, as promised. If I bought a toaster that you could put bread in but it did not toast the bread would I be satisfied? Would I expect my money back for the broken, unfinished product? Hell yes I would. Yes, the package I got was a little under $400 but I invested thousands in other things in the hopes of being able to build something out of this as we were promised, many times over many years.


There was such promise in this package and still is if the developer would pull his head out of his ass and actually so something with it, hell he can barely bother himself to even post on the forums anymore, and by developer I am NOT referencing Sooms, I know he has done his best but it was way too much for one person.


I am so glad I quit wasting my time on this Failure

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Sorry you fee this way but originally we only promised a few features which we have done ages ago. Yes there are still many bug and mostly that was because we kept adding new features and never completely tested older feature as it requires someone to make a game with the system to properly tested. As of new there is 3 games pretty close to release using current Atavism system, one of them Arcfall has been out on Steam for nearly 4 months now with community and players playing it so it can be done. What we are planing to do with Atavism is going to benefit everyone, with Sooms away the site will still be running as it has been for years and Atavism will still be managed as it has been for years, if it was Vaporware and we did not really bother, this site woudl have been down ages ago as it does cost us money to keep it running and that is paid out of our own pocket as you do know that sales has been next to nothing in the past year. I woudl really wait till our announcement in a week or so and see what we have planned.

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