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Equipment based abilities


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 So I am trying to work an idea I have where a class has random abilities. The character is created under the standard race/class configuration however when the character is selected a random starting ability is assigned out of a group.


My thought is that the ability would be assigned to an item/piece of equipment. This item would give access to the ability but I ma not sure where I would insert the code for the class. I know you can assign items in the class configuration but I do not think you can choose a loot table (as that seems to be the most direct to what I am thinking).

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You can make this work.

Create Effect: Teach Ability

Apply it to an item so they use it to learn it.  Make it Bind on Pickup so they can not give them away.

Add the items you make to a Loot list.

Create the item they are getting at login (a bag of abilities? Books?)

Effect: Create Item from Loot.

Add the Loot lists made above to it.

Add the Bag of abilities to he starting gear of the character.  You can do upto 5 lootlists per Create Item from Loot.

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