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Looking for a lead programmer (atavism server)

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Hello, so i am here to look for a lead programmer for our project. It is best if this person know atavism server pretty well. This is our fb page https://www.facebook.com/eternityaerium?fref=ts


Our project is an anime mmorpg. If you are interested, add me on skype taichiu727


Please note that this is not paid job.


You can find some models and scene on our fb page but please note that only some are shown


This is our game story for now


2.1 Overview


The story takes places in world of Aerium with 4 races and 4 seas surrounding the land of Aerium. The conflict of over population. world government orders full exploration of the 4 oceans surrounding the land of Aerium. 4000 people were send in exploration in order to find land, 1000 people in each side north, east,south, and west. 5 years passed since the exploration no one returned but after a year only 1 ship returned and only with 5 men alive in crew. these men also brought this glowing crystal with magical properties with fast regeneration and super strength. so the world government started to train super army with the power of the crystal. those army were sent to the land of “unknown†with the mission to build towns and camps so people of Aerium can move in and also they had more mission to explore the land even more and export the crystal to the mainland of Aerium.




2.2 story


The Unknown

year 1491, Aerium a beautiful place with seas surrounding the land also with 4 different races living in absolute peace with relationship of brother and sister the unbreakable bond between the races are incomparable to any other. but the population of the Aerium became overwhelmingly high the land itself started to sink 10 inches into the sea causing massive earthquakes and tsunamis with every year that passed.People of Aerium and the world government voted to a law that prevents people from living more than 40 years in world of Aerium and to have only 1 child per family just to lighten the population and to save the land they all live in. Even though this seemed like solution but it wasn't government and people can't handle the tension the law created. after 1 year of this tension world government ordered full exploration of seas that covered them in search of land, in year 1492, 4000 people went on an exploration for the land 1000 people for each seas north,south,east, and west.

year 1497, 5 years have been passed since the exploration but until now not even single man returned from the journey. year, 1498, 1 year as been passed. on the west harbor the loud sounds of bells “ I SEE A SHIP†a man yelled loudly. when the ship came to shore it was broken, only 5 people have came back from 1000 people that sailed to west. In one man’s hand people saw this growing crystal, that crystal was taken for a research but was still known at that time about that “glowing crystal†but only one thing was for sure its not from this island. after a month passed in the hospitals for the 5 men. when they woke up crying and telling this story of these creatures that can kill 50 people in blink of an eye. people and government found this interesting and more research was done in that crystal. soon, after a month of research they found some property in that crystal as the power of super fast regeneration and super strength with just one drop of that liquidized crystal with just a basic knowledge of that crystal world government created a faction or an army of super soldiers that will explore the land called “ the unknownâ€. the mission for the faction is to create a town or a camp so regular people can move in and also a explore the land the land of “unknown†and also for the side mission export that crystal to the mainland of Aerium.

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