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Hi guys, I'm starting to create my own mmorpg in atavism, 
I have some problems that I can't find how to solve, maybe you can help me, I need to modify the character's camera so that it is fixed and without rotation with an isometric / top down perspective,
I can't find How to do it in the editor, in addition to this the idea is that it can only be moved by keyboard and that the spells are executed in an "aim" way, 
is there someone with knowledge to help me? which I want to do in 3d but without losing the classic dynamics that it has


example game video 





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This is a unity question for first part and a very basic one. I would suggest doing the isometric tutorial on unity before tackling this on your mmo.

The video you show is a 2d game witch works completely differently from a 3d game. As there is only x and y components.

Subjects you should study on unity are top down cameras.

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