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Thanks for the response, Neojac. I might as well clarify my question so that Sooms or someone else might be able to expand on that answer, and I'll continue posting questions if I need help.


I was aware auto-attack is included in the form of abilities/effects that you bind to the character template but it is the damage calculations I'm concerned with. It is tough to put my finger on where they are done because it seems like there are five or more files in the AGIS src that reference auto attack in addition to basic abilities/effects. Is this deprecated code or is it just complicated?


I have specific goals for how damage is calculated. I was hoping to be able to modify the unity atavism editor to support a function builder where you can choose which mathematical function you wish to apply to one or more stats in order to generate equations of any complexity that could be used for a multitude of plugins, namely 'effect damage amount' calculations. So basically it would work like this:


Function Builder Plugin:

Name: e.g. [myEquation01]

Visual function builder field: e.g. [3 * log( dexterity ) + 1 / strength]

+Add or -Remove elements buttons

o Add Stat (drop-down selector): {strength, dexterity, etc}

o Add Function (drop-down selector): {log, sqr, sqrt, pwr, inverse, etc}

o Add Operator (drop-down selector): {+, -, *, /, mod, etc}


Save button

(before allowing the user to save the function, a check is run to see if the function is valid according to mathematical rules, like no two operators in a row, etc)


How this works with abilities:

Effect Damage Amount (if 'use equation' checked, use drop-down selector)= [myEquation1]


That's it. If I can figure out how to accomplish modifying those damage calculations without breaking my server, I'll be working on something like that, so any and all help including code examples, things others have done, and files to look at is certainly welcome. Thanks guys =)

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