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Atavism Wiki Page?


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Any word on when we might have the start of a documentation wiki? I think it would be useful both for plug-in developers and Atavism kit users building their worlds.


For plug-in developers, db structures, table relations, plug-in template along with info on file requirements/locations both on the client and server side would be useful.


For users, a more detailed information guide would be handy. For example, one where it covers a vanilla installation and then one which outlines places you need to change if a different server name / different startup instance / etc would help. (I attempted to use my own names the first time I installed and evidently I missed something in a file or within the client somewhere that needed changed..)


Another thing that would be handy for kit users would be a more in depth run down of creating things, both in the Atavism asset in Unity as well as within Unity itself. For example, what does one have to do to add a new NPC? The PDF document goes through the database part in the Atavism client interface, but what do we need to do to actually add the creature to our files? What files are required and where should they go? Remember, not all of your users are going to be experienced with Unity. Plus it would be good to have documentation specific to the file layout you are recommending.


Same thing with items. What files are required and what edits have to be made to the files within Unity to get them to work? I had a heck of a time with the prefab for my item while following along with the item and loot PDF. The only prefab in my resources\items folder was example item which I had no idea what to do with it. I ended up finding the sword prefab in the characters\knight folder and copied it's two files into items but it still wouldn't let me drag it into the equipment display field. I then found the equipment display folder and duplicated the two sample files within the folder and renamed to match my item name. I guessed at how to deal with the file info in Unity. It let me pull it into the field but now in game I'm unable to loot when my NPC drops the item. Plus items are not displaying on my avatar or the NPC.


Also, I'm noticing that I have the ability to add other stuff but from reading release notes I don't think any of that is working. Would be nice if once something is brought live for testing, if a wiki page was added for that particular plug-in / core system. Sure it is alpha and things are bound to change, but I think we might be able to get more people doing more testing if we could get more documentation. Video tutorials are a bit harder since you need to produce them and then people get confused when they see an old video talking about something that has been changed. A wiki, however, is a living document that could (and should) be changed when changes are made.


At any rate... Just a thought during my moment of frustration as I wipe everything to start fresh again.. lol

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