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What is the process for bug reporting? I'm wondering if maybe a private repository should be set up. That way, not only would those who have purchased the option with code be able to be granted access to the code (just shut off ability for them to update any production branches), but there would be a built in mechanism where we could all report bugs and see the status of bugs in the issue tracker. Also some git/svn setups come with wiki support which would allow those with access to update documentation.


If you don't want to set up a repository on one of the public sites (like github or sourceforge), I have been looking at some self-hosted options for my own stuff. For git, GitLab looks to be a nice github clone.

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Along the same lines as the issue tracker, how do you guys currently report releases so we can grab them? Announcement forums? Emails to license holders? Other? All of the above?


I ask because of a post in Chia's thread about plug-in documentation where Neo mentioned a release this coming weekend containing the UMA stuff. Any other stuff expected in that release too Neo?

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