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for sale 40$


Contact : tofouxgames@gmail.com for purchase




The English language is not my language, I am French then to excuse I if you do not understand all


I am going to present you a forum which I am coding so that he is bound(connected) to atavism




- Displays(postings) of the section of the forum

- Displays(Postings) of the forums Displays(Postings) of money

- Display(Posting) of the number of Threads / Posts

- Displays(Postings) of the Last Post

- displays(Postings) of the number of visitor / members to connect on the forum


forum :


- Displays(postings) of the Thread / Author

- Displays(postings) of the Replies / Views / Last Post

- Displays(postings) of the Icons ( New Posts,No New Posts, Locked Thread)

- System of pagination

- When an administratorin answered the subject an icon " dev " is to post(show) on the subject


thread :


- Displays(postings) of the pseudo, avatar, number of message

- Displays(postings) of the date thread

- System of vote of messages (+1 , - 1)

- Fast answer

- The display(posting) of the message changes according to the level of the member(limb) (admin, moderator)



-closure(lock) of the subject

-Travel(Movement) of the subject

-delete of the subject

-delete of the message

-Closure of the subject

-automatic Answer


Private messaging;


- Notification again message private

- List of deprived messages

- New message deprived / answer





Other :


System of search(research) for subject

System of right(law) of forum

Devtracker (display(posting) of quite answer of the administrators(directors))

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