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Ark'CMS (Framework)


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Hi !


Actually im work to an "Framework CMS" for my game Arkantium. For the moment that is the feature in my CMS:



An ORM (PHP OO / PDO) connected to the database of Atavism. This ORM is automatically generated (ex: if atavism change a part of the DB in new version just click to generate and all SQL request are regenerated and no need change in the code...) This ORM is for all people need a new function in the CMS


Exemple of ORM for select an account:


$Account->SelectByID(1) OR $Account->SelectByName("Administrateur") OR $Account->SelectByEmail("test@gmail.com")


All of this sample select the first account registered in Atavism Database


Exemple of ORM for select an character

$Character->SelectByID(1) OR $Character->SelectByName("Benjiskan")

This exemple select the first character in the Database


Exemple of ORM for select an character linked to an account


Show all Character for the Account 1 (Administrateur)

(Selected in an array you have just to filter this array for show one or many character for this account)


For the feature now:

-Possible to easy change or modify template


-Login / Register an account (Lost password with send by email)

-Administrator write news and player write a comment

-Create static page (Ex: License, FAQ...) in HTML with WYSIWYG (Word style editor)

-View Character (name, level...) no real view of you character (possible to create an image of the character ex: If ($Character->idclass = 1){//ADD Image}; and same for second class (Class of your character ex: Warrior...)

-Classment of best player (By Level)


For the moment i work in the orm for exemple

$Item->SelectItem(id) or SelectItem(Name)

For view all item in the game or select an item to add in an account (For Shop...)


Next Feature:

-View Item, Mobs & Other in yout game with the web site

-View Item of an player


-Possible Shop for F2P style



Final Feature

-Serveur in Node.JS for chat with the player ingame & other thinks (Node.JS directly send information to AtavismServer)


How i write about my work ? Because i think release my "Frmework CMS" for the next month

If you have question or other let an message in this post


(Sorry for my english im french)

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Hi !


I thinks create 3 version for Ark'Framework & Ark'CMS


First: Ark'Framework: FREE

This is a framework containing (ORM & Exemple) for free ! With this it's possible to intégrate the framework or just the ORM to all existing website if you are dev's and use the ORM for link the Atavism Database to your website ($Character->[...]) view the first post


Second: Ark'CMS Start: 30$

Framework ORM & CMS with feature:

-News / Comments


-Media (Gallery)

-Profil (View my profil, View other profil...)

-Character (View character, View other character...)

-Forum (or Possibilities to integrate an PHPBB or Other)


Thirth: Ark'CMS Advanced: 50$

-All other feature

-Encyclopedia (Item, Mobs... In game)


And possible to buy other plugin for Basic & Advanced exemple:




Actually im finish the framwork (Security & other improvment) and go to write an documentation for integrate to an existing website and create a few exemple for help you to integrate


After the documentation im go work to finish the starter license and the documentation for the starter license

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Generator is end ! ORM genered with succes !

Im work to create few manualy function for link all database and go write an documentation !


I have worked to the "CMS" and finish:

The Module System

--Welcome Module





(Just copy/paste the module in module folder and his loaded -> Go to admin panel -> Menu -> And add the module to the menu

(All module have proper librairie, language & template)


It's possible for all to create easily module with the ORM (I would write several documentation for creates a module and use a documentation).


Wait for next update :)

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Is it allready buyable or aviable to download or something? :)


When not when do you plan on releasing it?


Would be nice to play with it a bit and maybe make a nice template hehe :)



Or do you plan to include an template designer or something?


Greetings René


P.S would be nice to inlcude something like the beta key system which should be in atavism then :)

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Hi !


For my plan i thinks releases an bêta of the orm for the next week ! (Orm is a free version for dev's and i thinks releases the cms in 2 weeks (in bêta) !


Yes is possible for dev's to integrate the key system with the orm ! And i add key système to my roadmap for all version of the cms


The cms have an simply template system. I work to an template based in bootsrap :) (it's possible for all to integrate your template)

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Hi !


I have worked to the ORM this week ! it's pretty good for release ! Just i test and read the documentation !


And i have a question for the CMS ! Would you like a forum made by me or an integration of PHPBB or other ?


Actually in the CMS (new):

Register & Login with Atavism Account OK

Lost Password (send by mail) OK

Write a news (for Admin / Moderator) OK

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The generated ORM is perfect (i have tested with succes). In create a "new" version with automatic link database... For exemple:



(Actually i have to create manually the link of Account to a Character) ! And i create an automatical detection of password champ (If type password is detected in SQL the ORM ask the encryption method (MD5, SHA1, No Encryption...) (Actually is create the encryp method manually).


I finish the new template for the generation en upload the product of this generation (If dev's can be test the ORM... and return experience) And if is perfect i send the generator...


(PS: The ORM is free for all and it's possible to generate all project (no be used only with atavism) just select an Database and click to generate ;) (If you code an website exemple, select the website database and generate)


I have no tested the generation with change in Database (Ex: Username renamed to Userlogin...) It's the next step !

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Hi !


The ORM is disponible soon (With my team i have entierly recoded the ORM for create an cloud system for everyone and for every language not just PHP ! The new ORM is able to generate C#, C++ [...] !


The new ORM car be generate regex, index, link other table & db... ! I finish my test and publish the link for Cloud ORM & the link of the project Atavism in Cloud ORM !


For the framework he is finish just im create a new plugin for register...

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Hi !


Yes new ORM because i have the last version in my computer... I have worked in the ORM and completly recreate this because i want to all people can be generate the ORM for all project in all language ! not just for atavism !


the estimated date is this week (actually i buy domain & upload the generator). The ORM is completly free for all ! I have no price actually for the Framework / CMS because is not finish yet (~2 week for an release) !


Yes, i have screenshot...

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Sorry for the time of my reply. Actually i upload and configure the Cloud ORM in my hosting ! Acces in 2 day max.


The ORM (Maker) is Free ! The ORM is designed for Web & App's dev's. With the ORM i have build an project for Atavism. With this project all SQL query... is automatically generated. If an dev's use this ORM for build an website, app's or CMS he has just to regenerate the project in the ORM Maker for reconstruct all query (If Atavism has release an new version or have modified the db)... and for the dev's he need no modification in the code of the website, app's build with the ORM if Atavism Update or modify the DB...


The ORM is not the Ark'CMS it's an framework / tool for dev's. And the ORM Is free !


For the Ark'CMS i release this in 2-3 week. The Ark'CMS is not free (paid a license)

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I think,


CMS + Framework (Base Version)

-News system + Comment's



-View profil / character (her & other)

-View Inventory (her & other)

-Encyclopedia (Item...)

-Classment of most player


For ~35$


For the advanced version:

-Store (Buy Item & Bonus)

-CD Key license



For ~50$


Elite version:

-Encyclopedia of mob's PNJ...

Other Feature

For ~60$

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