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Suggestion for improving Abilities


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I have an excellent suggestion for improving Abilities, its essence is to add a function that would be stopping player when ability is activating / when the ability is used.


More would be great add static function - " Character can not move until the ability is not completed" (but can be canceled, for example - by escape button) "

For our team it is a very important part of gameplay.


Also will be great add function to abilities " Ability can be interrupted by movement / Ability can not be interrupted by movement (such as now).


With regard to the effects for example Stun, Paralysis, ( character can not move , use skills , items ) , Chained or Root or Trap ( The character can not movement, but use items and skills can).

All these actions would be wonderful add to Atavism.


I really like Atavism, I wish developers patience and more nerves =)

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