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  1. Only if whe not have to rebuy a new licence for it
  2. Netsun


    Cube i see what you try to make but Honestly you shoul just give-up whe alredy say it to you there why restart the server is usefull and why it gonna be very hard and long to make it It sure your question asked like you have do it easy to say: NO i dont like. But the real question have to be: Atavism team : Should the atavism team take the time and these devellopement resources to attempt to add the object to the server?
  3. It not that hard to add it by yourself but you whant to say when a player or the account is online?
  4. i dont have look if they take name rather than unique ID but if it that i think yea it a good idea to do that change but whe need a option to dont allow player to have same name if you dont whant it. +1 for that idea
  5. Sorry to be ''Rude'' But like a lot of people know in this forum my main language is not english, so sometime my sentence can look like rude.
  6. Hum yes so ask him more information about what he whant to know is a opignion? If you read the complet post you will see what append. I ask him more information about whant a Large world mean for him (for some people it whit a lot of instance other whit big map ect. After he answer it about the big map so i say Atavism dont have probleme whit that it a unity probleme and you need to do a VERY VERY big map to have that probleme so i dont think he gonna have it and after he say i'm sarcastic and i dont help. And after you come here and you talk about something than nobody have talk so i think it you who come here whit a opinion and i just answer to what you say. If you dont whant a answer to something you say just say nothing.
  7. I whant to know if the new Dev team think about change the db (myslq) to MariaDB. In Performence terme MariaDB is a lot better now and new linux support dosent have mysql as default pkg.
  8. i dont think he talked about a "Master Degree" but it like when you whant to cooking, you need to read a little bit about how to make it and whant to learn it. I have now my own compagny and i when i try to find new employe i dont whant a guy whit 600000 yers of experience, i prefert to hire the one who know the basic stuff and really whant to learn
  9. Ok first calm down, i just try to understand whant you whant. Second, sorry if my answer is not long but my native language (like lot of people on the community) is not english so i try to do it the most easy to understand. Make a Large world can mean a lot of thing, you can make it whit a lot of instance or just whit a big instance. World streamer dosent work whit Atavism cause the World Streamer will change the coordinate of you caratere to 0.0.0 (or something like that) The only probleme whit a Large world is the cpu/gpu you gonna use for it, the best way to optimize that it just to do a Local unload but you gonna need to script server side to send position of other player to your player when it close to him to load it . (you see i make a big sentence and i feal it confusing). They have a lot of way to optimise your game but remeber something you cant make a good game whitout programing even whit Atavism. You will need to learn at lest the basic of c#. And no the community will not give you all script you need to optimise your game cause all game it different and need different thing. And for the information Script they take time to make and a lot of time when you make it for your hown game. If you need script and you dont know how to make it but you are good at other thing ask for trade, i make a lot of trade in the past here. And one last thing, Atavism still young and when someone find something they post it so if no one call about a limit in seize it beacause nobody have find one. for now i work on a 60000x60000 map and i have 0 probleme (it only for a test) but maybe if 300 player online i can have it, idk and i will do the test but the best way to know it it the try by yourself.
  10. Hum the floating point precision it not a Atavism probleme is a Unity probleme and you will only get it whit extreme value so i dont know how big you whant to make a world but i dont think you gonna have probleme whit that
  11. Make a large map??? I dont understand your question what do you mean by: "A Large World"
  12. That look more a costome option for your game than a General feature. Personally i dont need something like that and i dont whant it, i think you better code it yourself you gonna save a lot of time cause i think guild systeme and other ''Basic MMO System'' will come beford.
  13. Nop but i have some time free the 3d modler have a lot of work to do^^
  14. Important information: If you ask me something i will do it, when you ask me something and when i finish you dont answer me (like you have stop to work on your project) i'm not happy: I have pass a lot of hour to creat script, or help people to put her server online so it very bad when you dont stop evrything you and you dont call me to ask for stop my work.
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