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  1. Hello, where i can found discord exchange history in the forum ? many knowledge is on discord channel, it is dangerous from my point of view. +++
  2. Hello, is possible to configure Armor Set and bonus like diablo 3 system set ? +++
  3. Hello Illersan, ok i understand, nothing linked with DB or must be updated on server side ? Only each client must have same package ( animations, controller, etc..). right ? regards.
  4. Hello Atavism team, i would like to change camera system and player controller, there is something i must add in my script ? regards. Teq.
  5. Hello Atavism team, Could you please describe the path for running atavism on multiple servers if i want: - run x world - host 1 dongeon per server thanks
  6. for my tests, i use Map Magic too, since first version and work fine. When 2.7 final release will be out, i ll share the link where it will be possible to test. To prevent the monster from falling over he floor, there is an option inside MM ++
  7. i use VPS 1 (3.49$) SSD from OVH provider. i have splitted atavism core and database into 2 vps. very good performance and not expansive. ++
  8. hello, any eta ? or a little screen ? are u using atavism always ?
  9. UYLA

    detect and fix falling

    hello, i add screen for details, we can see Y negative. thanks by advance. +++
  10. Hello dev team I see something strange when i spawn in live mob with admin panel. it seems that the falling detection, for mob, below the world is not running. Could you please add this ? for example: i use admin panel for creating a mob spawn and mob falls under the floor, y=-6519814 after few minutes. +++
  11. UYLA

    Bug found

    hello delmarle, i remember you found +/- 40 bugs. is possible to post them ? ++++
  12. hi, thanks arrestedgames. below my stone on your proposal. pattern "RUNNING" is not the better way because when u catch world.sh status, u can see "NOT RUNNING", same case for auth.sh. i guess, u need to update world.sh and auth.sh with "OFFLINE" instead off "NOT RUNNING", for example. FIX In function get_auth() , update for authlist in `./world.sh -v -C status | awk '{ print $NF}'` by for authlist in `./auth.sh -v -C status | awk '{ print $NF}'` let me know.
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