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  1. target of target player to player dont show i dont know if thats is normal coos in wow you can see othere players target you
  2. jandd661 Good Work i love that , did not even know we missing that Hope Atavism Team adds your changes to New Updates
  3. Unreal dont got that many assets and i wold say no coos i dont wanna se team get split and then takes longer to get updates + i dont wanna pay 5% to Unreal
  4. We added some chat functionalities like new announcements for admins, we also added restrictions for /props and /who commands and we also implemented ability to link items from backpack or abilities on chat, so if You will click shift + click then it will populate chat with special link so if anyone will put mouse over that link it will open popup window with that specific item / ability specification. grate
  5. Mount got options to swim ground or fly pic one, in editor
  6. dont that campfire gonna follow you? if you move?
  7. most of us on https://discord.gg/QU8qztE
  8. There is many bugs that stop me from working man in most all systems the dont give any new info for many months naw!
  9. thes takes longer and longer to get updates guys bump thes Post soy there mail alert go crazy!!!
  10. Aizen

    Need Timer for items

    Editor Abilities we need more slots some times i need more effects then 3 there is spells shod work for othere weapons not only one like i got spell that can work for axe off and axe main and sword main and off tho i can only chose 1 is big problem[if 1 of them in my hand spell shod work] and we need other option only for abilities, if you got off and main hand weapons soy is ask you get 2 weapons in two hands or is not gonna work add slots like these 2 buttons
  11. Timer on items like raw meat spoils get deleted from inventory or if that meat in chest storage that count like fridge timer stops need option for chests like time stop for items and gonna need Tooltip Timer soy we know how mach time tell thes item get deleted or crate new item 1]like raw meat get deleted or 2] raw meat create-item spoiled meat and chest storage sort items soy you can only add items that you check mark for that chest can go there if you dont check any then the any item can go in chest storage if you add them Thanks!
  12. whery nice . thes code go in TimeManager? and what shod i do for auto player setup camera type ??? player object ??? was long time sens i test Unistorm
  13. can we get script update for Unistorm 2.4 :dry: Thanks!
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