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  1. Yeah, they appear to be relatively popular on the Discord. The Atavism team is looking into adding their own hosting plan in the future, so you'll have more choices that way. That said, there a bunch of community made tools for easy install, kind of lets you use any host you like so long as you get the necessary resources and ability to control your ports. You could also do the classic spare pc running 24/7 in the basement thing, but I totally get looking for a host. No matter what choice you choose, you can always move your install by backing up all of your server files and database and moving it out. No harm if you don't like where you start out. As for the tool you decided, I actually think you made the right choice with Atavism. I am kinda planning the same thing as you, I'm making the game for my friends to play in, with their adventures providing the basis for me adding more. I think it's nice because you can spit out content relatively quickly, and you could get started right away (They might need some imagination without all the equip work being done, but coming from DnD, that shouldn't be too much of an issue haha). Atavism is nice because all the grueling work is done for you, and you can get straight to making your actual content.
  2. Interesting idea Killersan. That would definitely take the difficulty out for the main audience. Are you sure that you don't want to just encourage people to pick up a cloud subscription in such a case though? If you're going to make it so easy, it makes more sense to have that as a cloud option. I just don't want to lose the ability to completely manage a system on my own for instance, that was the whole idea behind getting an On Premises license. I have my own forest of server machines, and I'd rather not have to wipe the machine each time there was an update. If it's an option, well then by all means I won't stand in the way, but a full blown reset each time really would be a dampener. Honestly, I've been with it a while, and in truth the stuff isn't that difficult to keep updated once you know what's going on. The real problem is with documentation, it takes a while to learn what's going on because there's very little written down, and when people do learn it, they keep it to themselves because its not their job to do the upkeep. You could potentially save yourselves the work on pre-packaging solutions if the steps were just a little easier to understand, or written down at all. Or even if you recommended an application like HeidiSQL, instead of having people try to navigate the command-line of mysql when they really don't need it. I don't know, I'm just blathering on at this point it feels like, but I just wanted to make sure that the advanced users don't get messed up with it as well. On a side note, I don't honestly think this application has really "supported" anything other than Cygwin, which isn't that hostile of a feature. It never really explained things to end users, so people just used whatever worked.
  3. If you get the on-premises version, you can host it wherever you please. Only the cloud version is restricted.
  4. From what I understand of Atavism's systems, make sure that the prefab for your mob is at 0, 0, 0 for position and rotation before making it into a template. This can be done easily by creating a empty object at the models location, setting its rotation to zero, moving the object you want to be an npc into the empty object, then set the now-parent empty object to position 0,0,0, and then add it back into your library. Use this new object as an npc. The reason we need to do this is because if the object has existing features, when its created ingame it may use those instead of what the program tells you to. I am not 100% certain if this is the solution to your problem, but without further context I expect this is your actual issue.
  5. Okie Dokie. Glad to hear you got someone to help you out.
  6. I'm not sure if you are still working on this project, but let me know if you are. I might be able to assist.
  7. Definitely Terrain Composer 2 http://www.terraincomposer.com. Super simple system for making good looking terrains, quickly, easily, and without hassle. I cannot handle the Unity terrain editing process, and was so disappointed that I might have had to make everything externally and plug it in. But this program makes it so I do not need to do that, and have been using it happily for several months. It's a new program so it has some bugs, but it's worth it.
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