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  1. oh wow. thats awesome! ty for the info!
  2. that would be awesome man. would that plugin also be able to use unistorms built in farming system. or would extra code be needed to implement that?
  3. ahh yea i remember. would it be possible to do a tutorial however? some of us don't know how to code.... i dont exacly care to break something
  4. someone did make a plugin for it but they left atavism and took that info with them.(i think?) i would very much like that same info i have been searching for that plugin for while now.
  5. never mind!....u can delete the above. i just looked at the asset and a read a lil bit. it answered those questions. now that leads to my other question....since it is streaming from a disc if i am reading that right would it support terraforming?
  6. i don't know much about world streamer so could someone answer a question or two? My first question is does it support a seamless endless world? Meaning NOT a completely endless world but lets say you have a set square map and your walking off the east side of the map. if i was to go off the edge of the map would the character be transported back to the west side and be able to just keep going? Sorta like the real world? Or is this even possible? And would the players experience be seamless when they get transported? or would there be loading?
  7. Would it be possible to reset the timer so that players can "fuel" their fire to keep it going?
  8. I wish i knew more about this stuff concering the server and networking. But if i understand it right you need to set up unistorm so everyone can see it at the same time.....is it possible to attach unistorm to the terrain or something since its a game object? Since everyone sees that? Would that allow everyone to see the weather in sync?
  9. i am wondering if a replacement coder is going to take over for Sooms once he leaves. I have a deep concern that atavism may shut down altogether which I hope doesn't happen. I am also curious to know whats going on with Neo's Land....the website for it seems to be down as well.... Its not giving a good outward appearance.
  10. might it be possible if you could do a video on the unistorm setup?
  11. Hmm ok this sounds interesting actually however would it be possible to set up armour/clothing so that it fits everyone but just changes the armour model to conform to the model of the character according to what gender the character is? Not to mention I have like 7 races all different shapes and stuff and all races have a female and a male model so....getting armour to conform to the gender as well as my race would be nice too. Woiuld this be difficult to make universal for all characters in the game?
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