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For all the people who has bought the developers package, this forum post will show whats been released and what will be released as we get the assets into Neos Land and make them public. We will from now on only release assets when we do a new test release of Neos Land. Next test release is scheduled for end of July. Do note not all assets in Neos Land is made by us so we can not release those, but the ones made by us will be released to the developers package owners.


Up Coming items:

- Leather Set with 4 different versions $60



- WoodElf $60


- Dragon Dog $35



- Building Units version 1 $60


More To be added.



Released Items:

- Icon Pack 1 $25

- Fantasy Armor Set 1 $20

- Fantasy Armor Set 2 $45




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That's the package e sold that gives you the assets from Neos Land that we create our self's. So far we have spend over $5000 on the assets we are releasing. many people have no idea how much it costs to make those things so it will be well worth it.As most of the assets are done by contractors just one armor set runs into around a $1000 a set.

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We have had to move Neos Lands test release to end of July but will be releasing 2 asset packages tomorrow on our store for those who has bought the developers package, erst will be released end of July. What is being released tomorrow is the Dragon dog asset and Buildings Units version 1. With buildings units you have 4 stages of walls as well as roof set.

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Now that UMA 2 is nearly supported with Atavism the question is do you guys want the assets for UMA to be released for UMA 2 or UMA 1?


I would say UMA2 but would be willing to deal with them being UMA1 if they are already done. We were led to believe there was going to be a lot more than what has been released but we are going on 2 years with very little to show for what was promised. Don't really want to wait another 2 years. Hopefully the new stuff is a little better quality. To be honest, at this point I really regret buying the Developers Package.

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We have announced that all Developers Package accounts will be upgraded to Atavism OP Ultra to apologize for the lack of releasing assets for the developers package. After the release of Atavism 2.6 we will be working diligently on getting all the assets we have developed into your hands. As we now have finalized UMA 2 we will also be upgrading those assets to UMA 2 as well.

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This is great!!


However, when I go to the website and log in, my license isn't listed anymore. I purchased the developer package a while ago from the website, not from the asset store.


Any chance that could be fixed? I would like to be able to get the updated assets when they are available.



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Any update on this? When we chatted a couple of weeks ago to get my licenses sorted out in the new APanel you indicated there would be new UMA stuff the next Friday.. As seems to be the norm, that Friday has come and gone without a peep out of you guys.


Any update would be greatly appreciated. :)

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