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Atavism Backend - Administration Backend


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Hi guys,

this is the first look into the Atavism Backend i´am programming atm.

So the functions are for Admins, Moderators.


So what you can do atm:

-Server Status (World/Auth/Server)

-Start/Stop/Restart (World/Auth Server)

-Server Status (All Server processes)


So the next things i´ll include

-Character Manage

-Account Manage

-Ban Players

-Watching the Mail System on Atavism

-Teleport Player when offline (if stucking or something like that)

-Edit Mob Templates/ Copy them or give other Names, Loots

-Edit Loots, Crafting Reciepments.


First Screenshoot of the Backend





Search function is aviable now


You can search all account and character databases by a given string.







You can Search now, Mobs, Items, Accounts, Characters





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Backend can now create Backups will be saved in a directory.

Backups can be deleted and injected sort by Date.


Works! Screenshoot



Mobile Support is now aviable.


How look it




Sincerely Dennis

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1) I (suspect) that may need a bit of extra work once multiple servers etc are added. Or is there some sort of master list that can be updated as servers are added?


2) Also ... might I suggest you rethink the naming convention ... so the date / time is YYYY-MM-DD_HH:MM:SS ... easier to sift through and organize files

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Backend will only aviable with Linux support, the reason is that each server that will be started correctly with a lot of players betther run on linux, and so i think the best way is to use linux and not a windows virtual cygwin system.


Sincerelly Dennis

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1) There will be only one Authentication Server to add, and world servers will be work like a dynamic tree, so you can add each server, have start/stop options. The world server are all in one DB stored so You´ll just need a Start /stop function of each world server, Iám right with this?


2) changed:)

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I didn't see the mobile screen-shot - very nice.


There is a spelling mistake you might want to fix :


In green should be:

Authentication Server Running


you have: AuthNETication



Re using this... I'm not yet sure how atavism can be setup on large multiplayer games. I imagine that sometimes it may be setup regionally. So there may be "USA East", "USA West", and say "Europe" regional servers.


I'm thinking to use MySQL multi-region replication to replicate some data in the account / auth db ... to move some player stats and logins across regions etc


So what I'm saying is there may be some concept of different clusters to connect too.


Perhaps you can just keep this in a simple list but by default will be just one like "Server Cluster", but user can edit that and add a few ("USA East", "USA West", "Europe" etc) so its like a drop-down when there is more than one.


This will also be useful where one wants to manage multiple games ... maybe "Live Cluster", "Dev Server", "Test" etc.


So I think maybe a dropdown combo-box and maybe 'Connect' button next to it - just under "Server Dashboard" on mobile will help.

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first thanks for responsing to this.

There will be a Cluster with servers, you can add many World servers you want.


So the spell issue with "AuthNETication" is not based on me. Its the directly responsing of the shell script that starts the atavism Server :) So @ Andrew just fix that little mistake :D

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